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Cape Cod: 97
Central Park: 18
East Side: 32
Atlantic Beach: 3
Downtown Loop: 1
Cuba: 2
London: 7
Stockholm: 2
Helsinki: 2
Milwaukee: 1
Madison: 2
Eau Claire: 1
Duluth: 2
Minneapolis: 1
Fargo: 1
Bismarck: 2
Belfield: 1
Billings: 1
Total: 177
Cape Cod: 153
Central Park: 33
East Side: 123
Atlantic Beach: 4
Croton: 1
Jones Beach: 1
Arrowwood: 3
Downtown Loop: 1
Mauritius: 1
Total: 320
3) 96.7
Cape Cod: 156
Central Park: 31
East Side: 118
Jones Beach: 1
Marrakesh: 1
El Rocio: 1
Atl Beach: 3
Downtown: 1
Akron: 1
Pittsburgh: 1
Cleveland: 1
Rye Brook: 3
Ormond/Daytona Beach: 3
Zurich: 3
Winterthur: 1
Barahona, DR: 1
Total: 326
1) 176.2
2) 172.3
3) 78.5
4) 184.7
5) 187.2
6) 185.4
7) 168.3
8) 182.9
9) 151.8
10) 88.5
Cape Cod: 142
Central Park: 26
East Side: 146
Downtown Loop: 1
Rockies: 2
Cape May: 1
South Africa: 1
Rye Brook: 1
Oviedo: 3


Total: 323
1) 185.8
2) 134.9
3) 180.1
4) 184.5
5) 175.8
6) 154.4
7) 148.1
8) 179.1
9) 163.6
11) 85.9
Cape Cod: 163
Central Park: 26
East Side: 116
Oviedo, Fl: 4
Downtown Loop: 1
Chicago: 3
Dobbs Ferry: 1
Atlantic Beach: 1
Australia: 6
Total: 324
1) 91.4
2) 181.6
3) 159.7
4) 190.1
5) 172.7
6) 164.9
7) 157.5
8) 167.9
9) 170.5
Cape Cod: 148
Central Park: 18
East Side: 120
Downtown Loop: 1
Florida: 8
Cape Girardeau: 1
Memphis: 1
Jackson: 1
Hoover: 1
Duluth: 2
Kodak: 1
Rockies: 1
Total: 299
1) 141.6
5) 179.2
6) 134.4
7) 167
8) 176.4
9) 167
12) 86.1
Cape Cod: 120
Central Park: 31
East Side: 128
Downtown Loop: 2
Puerto Rico: 6
Orlando: 4
Alaska: 9
Long Branch: 1
Total: 302
1) 145
2) 132.9
3) 138
4) 157.6
5) 151.7
6) 140.3
7) 142.8
8) 142.1
9) 147.4
Cape Cod: 122
Central Park: 22
East Side: 116
Downtown Loop: 5
Riverside Park: 1
Texas: 5
Atlantic Beach: 1
Cross Bay: 1
Long Branch: 2
Total: 275
1) 137.1
2) 131.1
3) 129.9
4) 140.7
5) 122.3
6) 139.4
7) 129.4
8) 131.5
9) 138.4
Cape Cod: 89
Central Park: 22
East Side: 137
Michigan: 5
Atlantic Bch: 1
Maine: 2
Saratoga: 2
Prospect Park: 1
Blue Point: 1
Philadelphia: 1
Long Branch: 1
Southampton: 1
Lower Manh: 1
Yankee Stad: 1
Total: 265
1) 54.7
2) 100.1
3) 115.3
4) 118.5
5) 160
6) 126.6
7) 131.1
8) 100
9) 72.9
10) 120.1
11) 138.3
12) 122.2
Cape Cod: 107
Central Park: 10
New Milford: 3
Atlantic Beach: 1
Downtown Loop: 1
East Side: 107
Cross Bay 1
Westhampton Beach 1
Saratoga Springs 2
Las Vegas 3
Total: 229
1)  123.3
2)  88.2
3)  136.8
4)  136.9
5)  142.1
6)  181.8
7)  125.8
8)  84.2
9)  80.7
10) 121
11) 88.5
12) 90.8
Cape Cod: 63
Central Park: 16
Riverside Park: 1
Iceland: 4
England: 2
Bluepoint: 1
Atlantic Beach: 1
Saratoga: 2
Washington: 3
Downtown Loop: 5
East Side: 130
Total: 222
1)  55.5
2)  78.3
3)  102
4)  137.9
5)  117.5
6)  110.2
7)  147.7
8)  121.2
9)  129.9
10) 116.7
11) 125.4
12) 154.9
Cape Cod: 55
Central Park: 14
Florida: 7
New Milford: 4
Canada: 2
Bluepoint: 2
Saratoga: 2
Minneapolis: 2
Atlantic Beach: 1
UK: 1
Willamsburg Bridge: 1
Manh/Brklyn Bridge: 1
Downtown Loop: 1

5/27/01 5M  47:18/9:28
6/3/01   4M  37:17/36:23/9:05
6/17/01  5K  28:44/27:30/8:52
11/24/01 5K 23:21/7:32
5/26/02 5M 43:15/8:39
3/30/03 5K  25:48/8:19
4/27/03 4M 39:56/35:13/8:48
7/4/03   2M 15:09/7:34
8/9/03   5K  27:22/27:15/8:47
9/14/03  5K 28:52/28:01/9:03
5/30/04  5M 41:18/8:16
9/26/04  13.1M 2:07:55/2:07:18/9:43
5/22/05  10K 54:29/51:23/8:17
7/20/05  5M 46:42/45:00/9:00
11/15/09  5K  27:15/8:47
01/24/10 13.1M 1:52:54/8:37

3) Extended scenic: 7.8  http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=599842
4) Home to Dowses Beach 7.0  http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=599458
5) Home to Kalmus Beach 8.9 http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=584679
6) Shootflying Hill Loop 7.0 http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=600186
7) Home to Barnstable Harbor 7.0 http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=607379
8) Home to Dowses Beach via Bay Lane 9.4 http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=671672
1) Loop to Williamsburg Bridge 5.2  http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=569185
2) Loop to Central Park Reservoir 8.2  http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=569226
3) Downtown Manhattan Loop 11.3  http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=1966037

4/10 13.1M 1:52:54/8:37

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2017 (71/54)
08/13/Brewster 2 Bourne 0 Rd 3 Gm 3/Stony Brook Field
08/12/Bourne 13 Brewster 7 Rd 3 Gm 2/Doran Park
08/11/Brewster 5 Bourne 4 in 10 Rd 3 Gm 1/Stony Brook Field
08/10/Brewster 2 Orleans 1 Rd 2 Gm 3/Eldredge Park
08/09/Bourne 2 Wareham 0 Rd 2 Gm 2/Spillane Field
08/08/Orleans 4 Brewster 1 Rd 2 Gm 1/Eldredge Park
08/07/Brewster 8 Y-D 7 in 10 Rd 1 Gm 3/Red Wilson Field
08/06/Chatham 3 Orleans 1 Rd 1 Gm 2/Veterans Field
08/06/Brewster 6 Y-D 1 Rd 1 Gm 2/Stony Brook Field
08/05/Orleans 7 Chatham 2 Rd 1 Gm 1/Eldredge Park
08/05/Y-D 8 Brewster 5 Rd 1 Gm 1/Red Wilson Field
08/04/Martha’s Vineyard Sharks 9 (8 HR) Brockton Rox 8 (5 HR) in 10/Campanelli Stadium/Brockton, MA/FCBL
08/03/Orleans 6 Chatham 4/Veterans Field
08/03/Brewster 11 Harwich 10/Stony Brook Field
08/02/Falmouth 7 Hyannis 6/McKeon Park
08/01/Chatham 4 Y-D 2/Veterans Field
08/01/Brewster 6 Y-D 2/Stony Brook Field
07/31/Y-D 5 Bourne 1/Red Wilson Field
07/31/Cotuit 11 Hyannis 4/McKeon Park
07/30/Wareham 6 Orleans 5/Eldredge Park
07/29/Cotuit 2 Falmouth 1/Lowell Park
07/28/Chatham 4 Y-D 2/Red Wilson Field
07/25/Falmouth 6 Bourne 2/Fuller Field
07/23/Hyannis 2 Brewster 1/McKeon Park
07/22/West 5 East 3/Spillane Field/CCBL All-Star Game
07/21/Cotuit 12 Chatham 3/Veterans Field
07/20/Bourne 5 Cotuit 3/Doran Park
07/19/Ocean State Waves 4 Mystic Schooners 2/The Shipyard at Fitch Field/Groton, CT/NECBL
07/19/Hartford Yard Goats 12 Bowie Baysox 8/Dunkin Donuts Park/Hartford, CT/Eastern League
07/18/Orleans 2 Falmouth 0 in 10/Eldredge Park
07/17/Falmouth 9 Hyannis 3/McKeon Field
07/16/Brewster 11 Harwich 10 in 8/Stony Brook Field
07/15/Chatham 3 Harwich 0/Whitehouse Field
07/14/Orleans 5 Cotuit 1/Lowell Park
07/12/Falmouth 4 Orleans 3 in 7.5 Rain/Eldredge Park
07/11/Y-D 8 Orleans 7/Red Wilson Field
07/10/Hyannis 9 Cotuit 9 in 9/Lowell Park
07/09/Bourne 8 Hyannis 3/McKeon Park
07/08/Wareham 9 Falmouth 9 in 12/Fuller Field
07/06/Ocean State Waves 3 Danbury Westerners 2/Old Mountain Field/South Kingston, RI/NECBL
07/06/Worcester Bravehearts 3 Pittsfield Suns 2/Hanover Ins Park-Fitton Field/Worcester, MA/Futures League
07/05/Wareham 13 Bourne 2/Spillane Park
07/04/Cotuit 5 Falmouth 3/Lowell Park
07/03/Orleans 3 Brewster 0/Stony Brook Field
07/02/Orleans 5 Brewster 1/Eldredge Park
07/01/Chatham 3 Harwich 2/Veterans Field
06/30/Orleans 9 Harwich 1/Eldredge Park
06/29/Bourne 5 Y-D 3 in 7/Doran Park
06/29/Bourne 6 Y-D 2 in 7/Doran Park
06/28/Y-D 12 Harwich 1/Whitehouse Field
06/27/Falmouth 7 Brewster 1/Fuller Field
06/26/Bourne 5 Brewster 3/Doran Park
06/25/Falmouth 2 Y-D 1 in 7/Red Wilson Field
06/25/Y-D 14 Falmouth 3 in 7/Red Wilson Field
06/24/Cotuit 9 Y-D 2/Lowell Park
06/23/Bourne 7 Hyannis 6/McKeon Park
06/22/Y-D 5 Cotuit 3/Red Wilson Field
06/21/Brewster 7 Falmouth 4/Stony Brook Field
06/20/Falmouth 4 Harwich 2/Whitehouse Field
06/19/Billings Mustangs 5 Missoula Osprey 4/Dehler Park/Billings, MT/Pioneer League/Rookie Advanced
06/17/Duluth Huskies 6 Bismarck Larks 5/Bismarck Municipal Field/Bismarck, ND/Northwoods League
06/15/Lincoln Saltdogs 11 Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks 9/Newman Field/Fargo, ND/AA of Ind Pro Baseball
06/14/Seattle Mariners 6 Minnesota Twins 4/Target Field/Minneapolis, MN
06/14/St. Paul Saints 8 Sioux City Explorers 1/CHS Field/St. Paul, MN/AA of Ind Pro Baseball
06/13/St. Paul Saints 10 Sioux City Explorers 5/CHS Field/St. Paul, MN/AA of Ind Pro Baseball
06/12/Waterloo Bucks 7 Duluth Huskies 5/Wade Stadium/Duluth, MN/Northwoods League
06/10/Bismarck Larks 5 Eau Claire Express 2/Carson Park/Eau Claire, WI/Northwoods League
06/09/Madison Mallards 11 Wisconsin Woodchucks 3/Warner Park/Madison, WI/Northwoods League
06/08/SF Giants 9 Milwaukee Brewers 5 in 10/Miller Park/Milwaukee, WI
05/08/Pawtucket Red Sox 3 SWB Railriders 0/McCoy Stadium/Pawtucket, RI/IL/AAA
04/28/Yankees 14 Orioles 11 in 10/Yankee Stadium

2016 (58/50)

08/13/Y-D 3 Falmouth 0 Rd 3 Gm 3/Fuller Field
08/12/Y-D 9 Falmouth 4 Rd 3 Gm 2/Red Wilson Field
08/11/Falmouth 5 Y-D 4 Rd 3 Gm 1/Fuller Field
08/10/Falmouth 6 Bourne 2 Rd 2 Gm 3/Fuller Field
08/09/Y-D 4 Chatham 1 Rd 2 Gm 2/Veterans Field
08/08/Bourne 7 Falmouth 4 Rd 2 Gm 1/Fuller Field
08/07/Chatham 3 Harwich 1 Rd 1 Gm 3/Whitehouse Field
08/06/Falmouth 8 Hyannis 2 Rd 1 Gm 2/McKeon Park
08/05/Chatham 3 Harwich 1 Rd 1 Gm 1/Whitehouse Field
08/05/Y-D 4 Orleans 2 Rd 1 Gm 1/Red Wilson Field

08/03/Yankees 9 Mets 5/Yankee Stadium
08/02/Mets 7 Yankees 1/Citi Field
08/02/Aberdeen Ironbirds 2 Brooklyn Cyclones 0/MCU Park/NY-Penn/A Short Season
08/01/Auburn Doubledays 4 SI Yankees 3 in 10/Ballpark at St. George/NY-Penn/A Short Season

07/31/Wareham 4 Y-D 4 in 9/Red Wilson Field
07/30/Orleans 2 Hyannis 1/McKeon Park
07/29/Falmouth 4 Wareham 3/Fuller Field
07/27/Brewster 3 Bourne 0/Doran Park
07/26/Falmouth 7 Hyannis 3/McKeon Park

07/25/Plymouth Pilgrims 7 Keene Swamp Bats 2/Forges Field/Plymouth, MA/NECBL

07/24/Y-D 3 Harwich 0/Whitehouse Field
07/23/West 8 East 0/Veteran’s Field/CCBL All-Star Game
07/22/Harwich 9 Falmouth 2/Fuller Field
07/21/Hyannis 5 Brewster 2/McKeon Park
07/20/Falmouth 4 Harwich 2/Whitehouse Field
07/19/Y-D 1 Orleans 0 in 10/Red Wilson Field
07/18/Wareham 3 Harwich 2/Spillane Park
07/17/Wareham 2 Orleans 1/Eldredge Park
07/16/Harwich 11 Orleans 0/Whitehouse Field
07/15/Y-D 8 Falmouth 4/Red Wilson Field
07/10/Cotuit 2 Hyannis 1/McKeon Park
07/09/Brewster 5 Cotuit 0/Lowell Park
07/08/Hyannis 1 Harwich 0/McKeon Park

07/07/Brockton Rox 8 Seacoast Mavericks 5/Campanelli Stadium/Brockton, MA/FCBL

07/06/Harwich 1 Bourne 0 in 11/Doran Park
07/05/Harwich 4 Bourne 2/Whitehouse Field
07/04/Falmouth 2 Cotuit 0/Fuller Field
07/03/Y-D 8 Hyannis 7/Red Wilson Field
07/02/Bourne 2 Brewster 1/Stony Brook ES
07/01/Hyannis 10 Chatham 0/Veteran’s Field
06/29/Orleans 4 Harwich 1/Eldredge Park
06/28/Harwich 5 Brewster 1/Whitehouse Field

06/27/Winnipesaukee Muskrats 8 Newport Gulls 6/Cardines Field/Newport, RI/NECBL

06/26/Wareham 9 Brewster 8/Stony Brook ES
06/25/Harwich 2 Orleans 1/Whitehouse Field
06/24/Falmouth 7 Orleans 3/Fuller Field
06/23/Harwich 6 Chatham 0/Whitehouse Field
06/19/Hyannis 5 Cotuit 4/Lowell Park
06/18/Y-D 5 Bourne 1/Red Wilson Field
06/18/Hyannis 5 Wareham 4/McKeon Park
06/17/Wareham 6 Falmouth 5/Spillane Park
06/16/Wareham 3 Harwich 2/Whitehouse Field
06/15/Chatham 8 Bourne 3/Doran Park
06/14/Falmouth 5 Hyannis 0/McKeon Park
06/13/Brewster 14 Chatham 6 in 8/Stony Brook ES
06/12/Bourne 5 Hyannis 4 in 10/McKeon Park
06/10/Wareham 6 Y-D 3/Red Wilson Field

04/23/Yankees 3 Rays 2/Yankee Stadium

2015 (63/55)

11/29/Tigres de Licey 3 Aguilas Cibaenas 2 in 10/Estadio Quisqueya/LIDOM/Santo Domingo, DR

09/15/WV Black Bears 3 SI Yankees 1 Finals Game 2/Ballpark at St. George/NY-Penn League/A Short Season

09/02/Pawtucket Red Sox 10 LHV Iron Pigs 2/McCoy Stadium/Pawtucket, RI/IL/AAA

08/30/Cleveland Indians 9 LA Angels 2/Progressive Field/Cleveland, OH
08/29/Cleveland Indians 8 LA Angels 3/Progressive Field/Cleveland, OH
08/28/Pittsburgh Pirates 5 Colorado 3/PNC Park/Pittsburgh, PA
08/27/Akron Rubber Ducks 6 Richmond Flying Squirrels 5/Canal Park/Akron, OH/Eastern League/AA

08/09/Y-D 8 Hyannis 1 Finals Game 3/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
08/10/Y-D 9 Hyannis 3 Finals Game 2/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/09/Hyannis 8 Y-D 1 Finals Game 1/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
08/08/Y-D 2 Orleans 1 EC Round 2 Game 3/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
08/07/Y-D 2 Orleans 1 in 13 EC Round 2 Game 2/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/06/Hyannis 10 Bourne 3 WC Round 2 Game 1/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
08/05/Orleans 10 Chatham 1 EC Round 1 Game 3/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
08/04/Chatham 1 Orleans 0 EC Round 1 Game 2/Veterans Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
08/03/Hyannis 10 Cotuit 3 WC Round 1 Game 1/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL

08/02/Bourne 6 Falmouth 5 in 10/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
08/01/Cotuit 11 Y-D 0/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/31/Harwich 5 Chatham 2/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/30/Orleans 12 Hyannis 8/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/29/Hyannis 5 Cotuit 2/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/28/Brewster 6 Orleans 6 in 12/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
07/26/Cotuit 4 Orleans 2/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL

07/25/East 1 West 0/Spillane Park/Wareham, MA/CCBL All-Star Game

07/24/Brewster 5 Wareham 4/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
07/23/Bourne 4 Falmouth 1/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
07/22/Chatham 4 Falmouth 1/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
07/21/Orleans 7 Harwich 2/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/19/Harwich 8 Brewster 5/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/18/Y-D 4 Harwich 1/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/17/Harwich 6 Hyannis 1/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/15/Y-D 4 Falmouth 3/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/14/Cotuit 3 Bourne 1/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/12/Orleans 5 Hyannis 4 in 10/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
07/11/Y-D 8 Chatham 1/Veterans Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
07/10/Cotuit 4 Bourne 3/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/09/Brewster 7 Orleans 1/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
07/08/Harwich 4 Y-D 3/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/07/Orleans 11 Falmouth 2/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
07/06/Harwich 3 Wareham 2/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/05/Y-D 10 Brewster 2/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
07/04/Wareham 0 Bourne 0 in 12/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
07/03/Chatham 4 Orleans 2/Veterans Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
07/02/Hyannis 5 Falmouth 1/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/01/Y-D 9 Chatham 2/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL

06/29/Chatham 9 Wareham 2/Spillane Park/Wareham, MA/CCBL
06/28/Y-D 7 Chatham 2/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
06/27/Cotuit 5 Orleans 4/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
06/26/Orleans 6 Falmouth 1/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
06/25/Chatham 2 Orleans 1 in 10/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
06/24/Wareham 8 Hyannis 1/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
06/23/Bourne 1 Y-D 0 Rain Top 5/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
06/22/Chatham 3 Hyannis 1 in 7/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
06/22/Chatham 3 Hyannis 2 in 7/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
06/20/Wareham 5 Y-D 2/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
06/19/Orleans 5 Harwich 1/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
06/17/Bourne 4 Falmouth 3/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
06/16/Harwich 4 Chatham 3/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
06/14/Hyannis 9 Brewster 2 in 7/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
06/14/Hyannis 8 Brewster 0 in 7/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
06/13/Chatham 5 Cotuit 2/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
06/12/Orleans 12 Y-D 3/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL

05/08/Yankees 5 Orioles 4/Yankee Stadium

2014 (50/45)

09/03/Pawsox 2 Syracuse Chiefs 1 Playoffs Rd 1 Gm 1/McCoy Stadium/Pawtucket, RI/IL/AAA
08/18/SWB RailRiders 2 Pawtucket Red Sox 0/McCoy Stadium/Pawtucket, RI/IL/AAA

08/15/Y-D 10 Falmouth 4 Finals Game 2/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/14/Y-D 5 Falmouth 0 Finals Game 1/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
08/11/Falmouth 10 Cotuit 2 WC Round 2 Game 2/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
08/10/Y-D 7 Harwich 2 EC Round 2 Game 1/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
08/09/Y-D 1 Orleans 0 EC Round 1 Game 3/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
08/08/Falmouth 5 Hyannis 1 WC Round 1 Game 2/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
08/08/Y-D 9 Orleans 0 EC Round 1 Game 2/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/07/Bourne 5 Cotuit 3 WC Round 1 Game 1/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
08/06/Harwich 7 Brewster 2 EC Round 1 Game 1/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL

08/05/Falmouth 10 Cotuit 9 10 innings/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
08/04/Orleans 12 Chatham 7/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
08/03/Hyannis 3 Y-D 3 8 innings/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/01/Harwich 3 Y-D 1/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL

07/26/Brewster 13 Y-D 3/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
07/25/Y-D 6 Orleans 3/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
07/24/Y-D 7 Bourne 0/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/23/Orleans 4 Harwich 3 11 innings/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/22/Cotuit 6 Chatham 5/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/21/Bourne 7 Hyannis 4/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
07/20/Bourne 8 Y-D 0 Rain 2/3 inning/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/19/Falmouth 6 Orleans 5/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
07/18/Bourne 5 Harwich 4/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL

07/13/Cotuit 13 Y-D 2/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCB
07/12/Y-D 6 Orleans 3/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/11/Y-D 2 Harwich 0/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/09/Orleans 6 Falmouth 2/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
07/08/Orleans 3 Y-D 2/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
07/07/Bourne 8 Wareham 5/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
07/06/Chatham 9 Hyannis 3/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/05/Orleans 3 Harwich 1/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/03/Harwich 10 Brewster 5/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
07/02/Bourne 7 Harwich 6/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
06/30/Y-D 8 Wareham 6/Spillane Park/Wareham, MA/CCBL
06/29/Chatham 5 Hyannis 4 12 innings/Veterans Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
06/28/Cotuit 3 Harwich 1/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
06/27/Falmouth 5 Y-D 1/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL

06/26/Ocean State Waves 8 New Bedford Bay Sox 2/Paul Walsh Field/New Bedford, MA/NECBL

06/25/Chatham 13 Bourne 3/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
06/24/Harwich 4 Wareham 1/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL

06/23/Plymouth Pilgrims 3 Mystic Schooners 0/Forges Field/Plymouth, MA/NECBL

06/22/Hyannis 1 Orleans 0 Game 2/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
06/22/Cotuit 4 Brewster 3 Game 2/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
06/22/Cotuit 7 Brewster 4 Game 1/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
06/21/Hyannis 4 Brewster 1/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
06/20/Orleans 3 Cotuit 0/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
06/19/Y-D 6 Falmouth 3/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
06/18/Bourne 5 Cotuit 4/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL

05/17/Pawtucket Red Sox 6 SWB RailRiders 3/McCoy Stadium/Pawtucket, RI/IL/AAA

2013 (67/58)

08/15/Cotuit 6 Orleans 1 Game 2 Finals/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
08/14/Cotuit 4 Orleans 2 Game 1 Finals/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
08/12/Cotuit 4 Bourne 3 Game 3 Western Semi-finals/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
08/11/Orleans 6 Chatham 5 Game 2 Eastern Semi-Finals/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
08/10/Orleans 7 Chatham 3 Game 1 Eastern Semi-Finals/Veterans Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
08/10/Cotuit 9 Bourne 2 Game 1 Western Semi-finals/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
08/08/Cotuit 5 Falmouth 2 Game 3 Western Quarterfinals/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
08/07/Orleans 4 Harwich 3 Game 2 Eastern Quarterfinals/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
08/07/Chatham 9 Y-D 4/Game 2 Eastern Quarterfinals/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/06/Hyannis 4 Bourne 3 Game 1 Western Quarterfinals/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL

08/04/Cotuit 9 Falmouth 3 1 out Bottom 7 rain/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
08/03/Hyannis 6 Y-D 1/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/02/Orleans 2 Harwich 2 Game 2 DH 9 innings/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
08/02/Orleans 3 Harwich 2 Game 1 DH 7 innings/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
08/02/Y-D 8 Brewster 1/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/01/Y-D 5 Orleans 3/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
07/31/Chatham 6 Y-D 5 10 innings/Veterans Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
07/30/Harwich 5 Hyannis 4 10 innings/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/29/Chatham 8 Falmouth 0/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
07/28/Hyannis 5 Brewster 4 7 innings Game 2 DH/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/28/Brewster 0 Hyannis 0 9 innings Game 1 DH/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/27/East 9 West 3/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL All-Star Game
07/25/Wareham 2 Y-D 2 10 innings/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/24/Hyannis 1 Chatham 0/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/22/Cotuit 8 Bourne 5/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
07/21/Hyannis 5 Brewster 0/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
07/20/Harwich 3 Cotuit 3 10 innings/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/19/Falmouth 5 Orleans 0/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
07/19/Brewster 8 Y-D 4/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
07/18/Falmouth 12 Hyannis 1/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/17/Hyannis 3 Orleans 0/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/16/Harwich 3 Chatham 0/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/15/Hyannis 3 Bourne 3 12 innings/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
07/14/Brewster 11 Orleans 3/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
07/13/Falmouth 5 Y-D 0/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/12/Cotuit 5 Falmouth 1/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/08/Cotuit 6 Harwich 2/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/07/Hyannis 5 Cotuit 2/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/06/Chatham 10 Harwich 6/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/05/Chatham 8 Wareham 2/Veterans Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
07/04/Falmouth 13 Cotuit 6/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
07/03/Y-D 6 Hyannis 5/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/02/Cotuit 8 Brewster 2/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
06/30/Cotuit 6 Bourne 1/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
06/29/Bourne 4 Cotuit 3/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
06/27/Y-D 8 Orleans 1/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
06/26/Harwich 7 Orleans 2/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
06/25/Cotuit 9 Wareham 2/Spillane Park/Wareham, MA/CCBL
06/24/Orleans 6 Harwich 2/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
06/23/Harwich 9 Y-D 0/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
06/22/Brewster 14 Y-D 8/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
06/21/Orleans 17 Y-D 12/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
06/20/Hyannis 4 Wareham 3/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
06/19/Y-D 8 Falmouth 4/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
06/18/Cotuit 8 Y-D 3/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
06/17/Bourne 6 Orleans 5 10 innings/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
06/16/Chatham 8 Y-D 5 8 innings/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
06/15/Cotuit 3 Wareham 2/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL

06/09/Cubs 4 Pirates 1/Wrigley Field
06/08/Pirates 6 Cubs 2 Rooftop seats/Wrigley Field
06/02/Red Sox 3 Yankees 0 5.5 innings rain/Yankee Stadium
05/01/Yankees 5 Astros 4/Yankee Stadium

04/14/Pawtucket Red Sox 5 Rochester Red Wings 2 11 innings/McCoy Stadium/Pawtucket, RI/IL/AAA

03/11/Yankees 4 Cardinals 0/GMS Field/Tampa, FL
03/10/Phillies 7 Houston Astros 1/Osceola County Stadium/Kissimmee, FL
03/09/Washington Nationals 8 Miami Marlins 7/Space Coast Stadium/Viera, FL
03/08/Jacksonville Dolphins 4 UCF Knights 0/UCF Baseball Complex/Orlando, FL/Div 1

2012 (74/53)

09/29/Phillies 9 Marlins 5/Marlins Park/Miami, FL
09/28/Marlins 2 Phillies 1/Marlins Park/Miami, FL

09/05/Pawsox 3 SWB Yankees 2 Playoffs Rd 1 Gm 2/McCoy Stadium/Pawtucket, RI/IL/AAA
09/01/Pawtucket Red Sox 2 SWB Yankees 0/McCoy Stadium/Pawtucket, RI/IL/AAA

08/17/Wareham 8 Y-D 6 10 innings Finals Game 3/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/16/Y-D 5 Wareham 1 Finals Game 2/Spillane Park/Wareham, MA/CCBL
08/15/Wareham 5 Y-D 4 Finals Game 1/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/14/Y-D 9 Orleans 0 Game 2 Eastern Semifinals/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
08/13/Wareham 5 Bourne 3 Game 1 Western Semifinals/Spillane Park/Wareham, MA/CCBL
08/13/Y-D 10 Orleans 3 Game 1 Eastern Semifinals/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/12/Bourne 6 Cotuit 4 Game 3 Western Quarterfinals/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
08/11/Orleans 6 Harwich 1 Game 2 Eastern Quarterfinals/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
08/09/Orleans 3 Harwich 1 Game 1 Eastern Quarterfinals/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, Ma/CCBL
08/09/Y-D 7 Chatham 4 Game 1 Eastern Quarterfinals/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL

08/07/Chatham 7 Orleans 2/Veterans Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
08/06/Wareham 8 Bourne 3/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
08/05/Y-D 7 Orleans 5/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/04/Y-D 4 Harwich 3/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
08/04/Falmouth 4 Wareham 2/Spillane Park/Wareham, MA/CCBL
08/03/Chatham 8 Harwich 8 12 innings/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
08/03/Hyannis 8 Brewster 0/Stony Brook Es/Brewster, MA/CCBL
08/02/Harwich 11 Cotuit 5/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
08/01/Harwich 6 Wareham 5/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
08/01/Y-D 6 Chatham 4/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/30/Wareham 6 Hyannis 0/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/29/Cotuit 1 Y-D 0 8 innings darkness/rain/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/28/West 1 East 1/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL All-Star Game
07/27/Falmouth 9 Bourne 0/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
07/27/Harwich 3 Y-D 1/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/26/Brewster 4 Bourne 3 8 innings darkness/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
07/25/Harwich 7 Orleans 5/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/24/Orleans 5 Y-D 4 in 11/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
07/23/Cotuit 8 Y-D 4 8 innings darkness/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/22/Cotuit 6 Harwich 1/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/21/Wareham 3 Falmouth 2 in 11/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
07/20/Harwich 7 Orleans 6/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
07/19/Y-D 12 Brewster 11 8 innings darkness/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/18/Harwich 7 Falmouth 5/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/16/Bourne 3 Brewster 2 in 10/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
07/15/Bourne 11 Cotuit 3/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL

07/08/Williamsport Crosscutters 11 SI Yankees 8/Ballpark at St. George/NY-Penn League/A Short Season

07/07/Orleans 4 Y-D 3/Red Wilson Field/Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/06/Chatham 5 Harwich 3/Veterans Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
07/05/Harwich 4 Orleans 0/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/04/Chatham 5 Orleans 1/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
07/03/Wareham 4 Bourne 2/Spillane Park/Wareham, MA/CCBL
07/02/Cotuit 12 Bourne 11 8 innings/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/01/Orleans 12 Brewster 0/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
06/30/Falmouth 8 Y-D 2/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
06/29/Wareham 7 Hyannis 6/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
06/28/Harwich 5 Orleans 3/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBBL
06/27/Wareham 9 Bourne 1/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
06/24/Cotuit 11 Chatham 5/Veterans Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
06/24/Harwich 7 Y-D 3/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
06/23/Harwich 9 Cotuit 3/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
06/22/Chatham 9 Y-D 2/Red Wilson Field/Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
06/21/Chatham 9 Bourne 3/Veterans Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
06/19/Harwich 2 Hyannis 0/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL

06/02/Nashville Sounds 8 New Orleans Zephyrs 0/Greer Stadium/Nashville, TN/PCL/AAA
06/01/Tennessee Smokies 2 Huntsville Stars 1/Smokies Park/Kodak, TN/Southern League/AA
05/31/Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs 14 Gwinnett Braves 4/Coolray Field/Lawrenceville, GA/IL/AAA
05/30/Braves 10 Cards 7/Turner Field/Atlanta, GA
05/29/Chattanooga Lookouts 9 Birmingham Barons 5/Regions Park/Hoover, AL/Southern League/AA
05/28/Mississippi Braves 6 Montgomery Biscuits 0/Trustmark Park/Pearl, MS/Southern League/AA
05/27/Iowa Cubs 5 Memphis Redbirds 3/AutoZone Park, Memphis, TN/PCL/AAA
05/25/Phillies 5 Cards 3 in 10/Busch Stadium/St. Louis, MO

05/01/Orioles 7 Yankees 1/Yankee Stadium
04/17/Yankees 8 Twins 3/Yankee Stadium

04/07/LV Iron Pigs 3 Pawsox 2 DH Gm 2/McCoy Stadium/Pawtucket, RI/IL/AAA
04/07/Pawsox 4 LV Iron Pigs 1 DH Gm 1/McCoy Stadium/Pawtucket, RI/IL/AAA

03/18/Orioles 6 Yankees 3/Ed Smith Stadium/Sarasota, FL
03/18/Blue Jays 10 Phillies 2/Florida Auto Exchange Stadium/Dunedin, FL
03/17/Yankees 6 Astros 3/GMS Field/Tampa, FL
03/16/Braves 9 Astros 5/Champions Park/Orlando, FL

2011 (49/39)

09/05/Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs 3 Pawsox 1 Playoffs Rd 1 Gm 3/McCoy Stadium/Pawtucket, RI/IL/AAA
08/31/Red Sox 9 Yankees 5/Fenway Park/Boston, MA

08/13/Harwich 7 Falmouth 5 Game 2 Finals/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
08/12/Harwich 5 Falmouth 4 Game 1 Finals/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
08/11/Falmouth 6 Wareham 0 Game 2 Semifinals/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
08/10/Harwich 4 Y-D 2 Game 2 Semifinals/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/09/Falmouth 5 Hyannis 2 Game 3 Quarterfinals/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
08/08/Harwich 3 Brewster 2 Game 3 Quarterfinals/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
08/06/Falmouth 6 Hyannis 2 Game 2 Quarterfinals/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
08/06/Wareham 12 Bourne 3 Game 2 Quarterfinals/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
08/05/Hyannis 6 Falmouth 4 Game 1 Quarterfinals/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
08/03/Falmouth 8 Hyannis 6 Game 2/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
08/03/Hyannis 1 Falmouth 0 Game 1/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
08/02/Falmouth 6 Hyannis 1 Game 1 Game 2 rain/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL

07/31/Staten Island Yankees 11 Jamestown Jammers 5/Ballpark at St. George/NY-Penn League/A Short Season
07/29/Baltimore Orioles 4 New York Yankees 2/Yankees Stadium

07/25/Harwich 10 Cotuit 1/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/24/Cotuit Kettleers 6 Chatham Anglers 0/Veteran’s Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
07/23/Hyannis 3 Cotuit 1/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/22/Orleans Cardinals 4 Harwich Mariners 3 Game 2/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/22/Orleans Cardinals 3 Harwich Mariners 1 Game 1/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/21/Hyannis 2 Falmouth Commodores 1 5 innings fog/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
07/20/Orleans Firebirds 2 Y-D Red Sox 0/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
07/19/Cotuit Kettleers 2 Harwich Mariners 1/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/17/Y-D Red Sox 12 Hyannis Harbor Hawks 3/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/16/Brewster Whitecaps 7 Harwich Mariners 7 15 inn – curfew/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/15/Bourne Braves 7 Hyannis Harbor Hawks 3/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/14/Hyannis Harbor Hawks 4 Cotuit Kettleers 2/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/04/Orleans Cardinals 12 Chatham Anglers 0/Veteran’s Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
07/03/Falmouth Commodores 3 Cotuit Kettleers 1/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/02/Orleans Cardinals 7 Brewster Whitecaps 7 9 innings/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
07/01/Y-D Red Sox 4 Harwich Mariners 3/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
06/29/Orleans Firebirds 5 Harwich Mariners 1/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
06/28/Bourne Braves 5 Harwich Mariners 1/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
06/27/Cotuit Kettleers 3 Hyannis Harbor Hawks 1/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
06/26/Falmouth Commodores 3 Orleans Cardinals 1/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
06/25/Bourne Braves 6 Y-D Red Sox 6 9 innings/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
06/24/Falmouth Commodores 5 Cotuit Kettleers 2/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
06/21/Hyannis Harbor Hawks 7 Wareham Gatemen 0/Spillane Park/Wareham, MA/CCBL
06/20/Hyannis Harbor Hawks 4 Bourne Braves 2/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
06/19/Hyannis Harbor Hawks 4 Chatham Anglers 2 Game 2/Veteran’s Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
06/19/Hyannis Harbor Hawks 5 Chatham Anglers 1 Game 1/Veteran’s Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
06/18/Harwich Mariners 8 Hyannis Harbor Hawks 5/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL

06/13/AIA Fairbanks Fire 4 Anchorage Glacier Pilots 3/Mulcahy Stadium/Anchorage, AK/ABL

05/21/New York Yankees 7 New York Mets 3/Yankees Stadium
04/26/Chicago White Sox 3 New York Yankees 2/Yankee Stadium

03/27/Detroit Tigers 8 Houston Astros 4/Osceola County Stadium/Kissimmee, FL
03/26/New York Yankees 4 Pittsburgh Pirates 1/GMS Field/Tampa, FL
03/25/Washington Nationals 3 St. Louis Cardinals 2/Space Coast Stadium/Viera, FL

2010 (49/36)

09/11/New York Mets 4 Philadelphia Phillies 3/Citi Field
09/05/Syracuse Chiefs 5 Pawtucket Red Sox 4/McCoy Stadium/Pawtucket, RI/International League/AAA

08/13/Cotuit Kettleers 6 Y-D Red Sox 0 Finals Game 3/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/12/Y-D Red Sox 2 Cotuit Kettleers 1 Finals Game 2/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
08/11/Cotuit Kettleers 3 Y-D Red Sox 0 Finals Game 1/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/10/Cotuit Kettleers 3 Wareham Gateman 1 Divisional playoffs Game 2/Spillane Park/Wareham, MA/CCBL
08/09/Y-D Red Sox 23 Orleans Cardinals 10 Divisional playoffs Game 1/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/08/Orleans Cardinals 5 Brewster Whitecaps 4 Quarterfinals Game 3/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
08/07/Orleans Firebirds 4 Brewster Whitecaps 1 Quarterfinals Game 2/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
08/07/Cotuit Kettleers 4 Falmouth Commodores 3 Quarterfinals Game 2/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
08/06/Wareham Gatemen 9 Bourne Braves 5 West Quarterfinals Game 1/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
08/06/Y-D Red Sox 7 Harwich Mariners 2 East Quarterfinals Game 1/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL

07/31/Pittsfield Colonials 10 New Jersey Jackals 7/Yogi Berra Stadium/Montclair, NJ/CAN-AM League

07/26/Harwich Mariners 2 Y-D Red Sox 0 7 innings/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/25/Y-D Red Sox 9 Hyannis Harbor Hawks 6/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/24/Wareham Gatemen 9 Brewster Whitecaps 1 (darkness/rain)/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
07/22/Chatham Anglers 3 Brewster Whitecaps 2 10 innings/Veteran’s Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
07/21/Cotuit Kettleers 2 Bourne Braves 1 8 innings (darkness)/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/20/Cotuit Kettleers 4 Hyannis Harbor Hawks 1/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/19/Falmouth Commodores 3 Wareham Gateman 0/Spillane Park/Wareham, MA/CCBL
07/17/Harwich Mariners 3 Brewster Whitecaps 2/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/16/Cotuit Kettleers 8 Harwich Mariners 4/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL

07/05/Y-D Red Sox 5 Hyannis Harbor Hawks 4 12 innings/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/04/Hyannis Harbor Hawks 8 Y-D Red Sox 7 10 innings/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/03/Cotuit Kettleers 3 Hyannis Harbor Hawks 1/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/02/Falmouth Commodores 1 Harwich Mariners 0 12 innings/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
07/01/Hyannis Harbor Hawks 2 Bourne Braves 1/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
06/30/Hyannis Harbor Hawks 4 Brewster Whitecaps 2/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
06/29/Y-D Red Sox 7 Brewster Whitecaps 1/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
06/27/Chatham Anglers 5 Wareham Gatemen 2 Game 1, Game 2 (fog)/Veteran’s Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
06/26/Hyannis Harbor Hawks 6 Chatham Anglers 2/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
06/25/Brewster Whitecaps 6 Bourne Braves 3/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
06/24/Chatham Anglers 6 Wareham Gateman 5/Spillane Park/Wareham, MA/CCBL
06/23/Hyannis Harbor Hawks 3 Orleans Firebirds 0/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
06/22/Y-D Red Sox 5 Wareham Gatemen 3/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
06/21/Cotuit Kettleers 7 Falmouth Commodores 5/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
06/19/Hyannis Harbor Hawks 5 Harwich Mariners 2 Game 2/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
06/19/Harwich Mariners 5 Hyannis Harbor Hawks 4 Game 1/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
06/18/Harwich Mariners 5 Y-D Red Sox 1/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL

06/10/New York Yankees 4 Houston Astros 3/Yankee Stadium
06/09/New York Mets 3 San Diego Padres 0 1 hitter, Triple Play/Citi Field

06/06/Tampa Bay Rays 9 Texas Rangers 5/Rangers Ballpark in Arlington/Arlington, TX
06/05/Nashville Sounds 9 Round Rock Express 6/Dell Diamond/Round Rock, TX/Pacific Coast League/AAA
06/04/Arkansas Travelers 6 San Antonio Missions 5/Nelson Wolff Municipal Stadium/San Antonio, TX/Texas League/AA
06/03/Corpus Christi Hooks 8 Springfield Cardinals 1/Whataburger Field/Corpus Christi, TX/Texas League/AA
06/02/Corpus Christi Hooks 12 Springfield Cardinals 11/Whataburger Field/Corpus Christi, TX/Texas League/AA
05/28/Midland Rockhounds 3 Tulsa Drillers 2/Citibank Ballpark/Midland, TX/Texas League/AA

05/25/New York Mets 8 Philadelphia Phillies 0/Citi Field
05/22/Newark Bears 6 Long Island Ducks 2/Riverfront Stadium/Newark, NJ/Atlantic League

2009 (41/28)

09/12/Baltimore Orioles 7 New York Yankees 3/Yankee Stadium

08/10/Bourne Braves 15 Cotuit Kettleers 5 Finals Game 1 Top 6th 2 outs Fog/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
08/09/Y-D Red Sox 10 Cotuit Kettleers 5 Semi-finals Game 2/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
08/08/Bourne Braves 3 Orleans Firebirds 2 Semi-finals Game 1/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
08/08/Cotuit Kettleers 3 Y-D Red Sox 0 Semi-finals Game 1/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/07/Orleans Firebirds 4 Chatham Anglers 3 Play in game/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
08/07/Cotuit Kettleers 5 Wareham Gateman 2 Play in game/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL

07/31/Chatham A’s 8 Hyannis Mets 7/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/29/Bourne Braves 13 Cotuit Kettleers 1/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
07/28/Bourne Braves 7 Harwich Mariners 2 Game 2 7 innings/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/28/Harwich Mariners 5 Bourne Braves 1 Game 1 7 innings/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/27/Falmouth Commodores 11 Harwich Mariners 2/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
07/26/Hyannis Mets 3 Brewster Whitecaps 2 Game 2 9 innings/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
07/26/Brewster Whitecaps 4 Hyannis Mets 3 Game 1 7 innings/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
07/25/Orleans Firebirds 8 Hyannis Mets 6/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/24/Harwich Mariners 3 Cotuit Kettleers 2/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL

07/19/Glens Falls Golden Eagles 4 Albany Dutchmen 0/East Field/Glens Falls, NY/NYCBL
07/18/Saratoga Phillies 10 Albany Dutchmen 5/Bleecker Stadium/Albany, NY/NYCBL

07/11/Orleans Firebirds 9 Brewster Whitecaps 4/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
07/10/Hyannis Mets 6 Cotuit Kettleers 3/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/09/Y-D Red Sox 9 Cotuit Kettleers 1/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/08/Harwich Mariners 5 Cotuit Kettleers 2 8 innings – Dark/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/02/Y-D Red Sox 4 Wareham Gatemen 1/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL

06/28/Staten Island Yankees 8 Aberdeen Ironbirds 7/Ballpark at St. George/NY-Penn League/A Short Season

06/20/Orleans Firebirds 8 Brewster Whitecaps 2/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
06/19/Cotuit Kettleers 10 Brewster Whitecaps 9/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
06/17/Chatham Anglers 5 Wareham Gatemen 4 10 innings/Veteran’s Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
06/16/Y-D Red Sox 6 Harwich Mariners 5/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
06/15/Falmouth Commodores 4 Orleans Firebirds 0/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
06/14/Y-D Red Sox 3 Hyannis Mets 1/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
06/13/Y-D Red Sox 3 Bourne Braves 2/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
06/12/Hyannis Mets 4 Bourne Braves 1 7 innings – Fog/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL

06/08/New York Yankees 5 Tampa Bay Rays 3/Yankee Stadium

05/30/Charlotte Knights 4 Toledo Mud Hens 2/Fifth Third Field/Toledo, OH/International League/AAA
05/29/Lansing Lugnuts 6 Quad City Bandits 2/Oldsmobile Park/Lansing, MI/Midwest League/A
05/28/Kane City Cougars 5 Great Lakes Loons 4 10 innings/Dow Diamond/Midland, MI/Midwest League/A
05/27/Great Lakes Loons 1 Kane City Cougars 0/Dow Diamond/Midland, MI/Midwest League/A
05/26/Traverse City Beach Bums 5 Southern Illinois 4/Weurfel Stadium/Traverse City, MI/Frontier League
05/24/Kalamazoo Kings 2 Traverse City Beach Bums 1/Mayors Riverfront Park/Kalamazoo, MI/Frontier League
05/23/Colorado Rockies 4 Detroit Tigers 3/Comerica Park/Detroit, MI

05/06/Tampa Bay Rays 4 New York Yankees 3 10 innings/Yankee Stadium

2008 (32/28)

08/14/Harwich Mariners 2 Cotuit Kettleers 1 Finals Game 2/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
08/10/Harwich Mariners 1 Orleans Cardinals 0 18 innings Eastern Division Game 2/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
08/09/Cotuit Kettleers 6 Falmouth Commodores 4 Western Division Game 1/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
08/08/Falmouth Commodores 3 Bourne Braves 2 Play in game/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL

08/03/Glens Falls Golden Eagles 5 Watertown Wizards 3/Eastern Division Semi-Finals Game 1/East Field/Glens Falls, NY/NYCBL

07/24/Brooklyn Cyclones 8 Vermont Lake Monsters 1/Keyspan Park/A Short Season

07/19/Wareham Gateman 13 Hyannis Mets 2/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/18/Falmouth Commodores 10 Cotuit Kettleers 6/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/17/Bourne Braves 4 Hyannis 3 10 innings/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
07/16/Orleans Cardinals 9 Hyannis Mets 8 12 innings/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/15/Orleans Cardinals 4 Brewster Whitecaps 3/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
07/14/Harwich Mariners 7 Hyannis Mets 3/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/13/Hyannis Mets 6 Cotuit Kettleers 1/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/12/Falmouth Commodores 18 Y-D Red Sox 4/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/11/Hyannis Mets 5 Y-D Red Sox 1/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/06/Chatham A’s 3 Brewster Whitecaps 2/Veteran’s Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
07/06/Bourne Braves 5 Falmouth Commodores 3/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
07/05/Wareham Gateman 4 Cotuit Kettleers 0/Spillane Park/Wareham, MA/CCBL
07/04/Wareham Gateman 4 Bourne Braves 3 Foul Ball!/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
07/03/Hyannis Mets 5 Harwich Mariners 4 13 innings/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/02/Harwich Mariners 11 Orleans Cardinals 3/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/01/Falmouth Commodores 4 Hyannis Mets 0/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
06/29/Y-D Red Sox 5 Orleans Cardinals 0/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
06/28/Bourne Braves 1 Orleans Cardinals 0 5 innings Fog Perfect Game/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
06/27/Bourne Braves 8 Y-D Red Sox 3 6 innings Rain/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
06/21/Chatham A’s 5 Brewster Whitecaps 4/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
06/20/Cotuit Kettleers 13 Chatham A’s 2/Lowell Park, Cotuit, MA/CCBL
06/19/Hyannis Mets 6 Y-D Red Sox 4/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
06/18/Chatham A’s 5 Hyannis Mets 3/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
06/14/Cotuit Kettleers 4 Brewster Whitecaps 1/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL

04/26/New Britain Rock Cats 7 Trenton Thunder 4 12 innings/Waterfront Park/Trenton, NJ/Eastern League/AA
04/17/New York Mets 3 Washingon Nationals 2 14 innings/Shea Stadium

2007 (32/25)

09/28/Florida Marlins 7 New York Mets 4/Shea Stadium
09/19/New York Yankees 2 Baltimore Orioles 1/Yankee Stadium

09/02/Fresno Grizzlies 7 Portland Beavers 6/PGE Park/Portland, OR/PCL/AAA
08/29/Salem-Keizer Volcanoes 4 Vancouver Canadians 1/Nat Bailey Stadium/Vancouver, BC/NW League/A Short Season
08/28/Everett Aquasox 9 Eugene Emeralds 4/Everett Memorial Stadium/Everett, WA/NW League/A Short Season
08/27/Los Angeles Angels 6 Seattle Mariners 0/Safeco Field/Seattle,WA/MLB
08/26/Portland Beavers 5 Tacoma Rainiers 1/Cheney Stadium/Tacoma, WA/PCL/AAA

08/13/Y-D Red Sox 8 Falmouth Commodores 2 Finals Game 1/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/12/Falmouth Commodores 5 Bourne Braves 3 Western Division Finals Game 2/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
08/11/Y-D Red Sox 4 Chatham A’s 3 Eastern Division Finals Game 1/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL

08/04/Hudson Valley Renegades 12 TriCity Valley Cats 4/Joseph L. Bruno Stadium/Troy, NY/NY-Penn League/A Short Season
08/04/Glens Falls Golden Eagles 4 Saratoga Phillies 2/Eastern Division Finals Game 3/East Field/Glens Falls, NY/NYCBL
08/03/Glens Falls Golden Eagles 4 Saratoga Phillies 3 13 innings/Eastern Division Finals Game 2/Eastside Rec/Saratoga Springs, NY/NYCBL

07/28/East 3 West 2 Cape Cod League All-Star Game/Spillane Park/Wareham, MA/CCBL
07/27/Y-D Red Sox 12 Harwich Mariners 8 8 innings/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/22/Chatham A’s 4 Bourne Braves 0/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
07/21/Chatham A’s 5 Cotuit Kettleers 0/Veteran’s Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
07/20/Hyannis Mets 8 Falmouth Commodores 7/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/08/Chatham A’s 3 Cotuit Kettleers 2/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/07/Y-D Red Sox 9 Falmouth Commodores 4/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
07/06/Orleans Cardinals 3 Hyannis Mets 1 4th inning rain/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/05/Falmouth Commodores 5 Wareham Gateman 1/Spillane Park/Wareham, MA/CCBL
07/04/Cotuit Kettleers 4 Hyannis Mets 4 8 innings/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/03/Harwich Mariners 2 Brewster Whitecaps 0/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/01/Cotuit Kettleers 1 Orleans Cardinals 0/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
06/30/Bourne Braves 11 Chatham A’s 4 12 innings/Veteran’s Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
06/29/Orleans Cardinals 7 Harwich Mariners 5/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
06/23/Cotuit Kettleers 8 Wareham Gatemen 6/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
06/22/Hyannis Mets 7 Y-D Red Sox 6 8 innings/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
06/17/Bourne Braves 8 Harwich Mariners 7 10 innings/Upper Cape Tech HS/Bourne, MA/CCBL
06/16/Cotuit Kettleers 6 Brewster Whitecaps 5 8 innings/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
06/15/Y-D Red Sox 6 Hyannis Mets 3/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL

2006 (33/17)

10/19/St. Louis Cardinals 3 New York Mets 1/NLCS Game 7/Shea Stadium
10/18/New York Mets 4 St. Louis Cardinals 2/NLCS Game 6/Shea Stadium
10/05/Detroit Tigers 4 New York Yankees 3/ALDS Game 2/Yankee Stadium
10/03/New York Yankees 8 Detroit Tigers 4/ALDS Game 1/Yankee Stadium

09/11/Minnesota Twins 9 Oakland A’s 4/HHH Metrodome/Minneapolis, MN/MLB
09/10/Minnesota Twins 12 Detroit Tigers 1/HHH Metrodome/Minneapolis, MN/MLB

08/31/Ottawa Lynx 9 Pawtucket Red Sox 1/McCoy Stadium/Pawtucket, RI/International League/AAA
08/19/TriCity Valley Cats 4 Hudson Valley Renegades 3/Joseph L. Bruno Stadium/Troy, NY/NY-Penn League/A Short Season

08/13/Y-D Red Sox 5 Wareham Gateman 1 Finals Game 3/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/12/Y-D Red Sox 5 Wareham Gateman 4 Finals Game 2/Spillane Park/Wareham, MA/CCBL
08/11/Wareham Gateman 4 Y-D Red Sox 2 Finals Game 1/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/05/Chatham A’s 3 Brewster Whitecaps 0/Veteran’s Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
08/04/Y-D Red Sox 2 Harwich Mariners 1/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/22/Orleans Cardinals 2 Bourne Braves 1/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
07/22/Falmouth Commodores 6 Brewster Whitecaps 4/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
07/21/Hyannis Mets 5 Chatham A’s 4 8 innings/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/08/Falmouth Commodores 9 Wareham Gateman 2/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
07/07/Harwich Mariners 4 Chatham A’s 2 11 innings/Veteran’s Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
07/06/Y-D Red Sox 5 Cotuit Kettleers 2/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/04/Bourne Braves 6 Wareham Gateman 1/Upper Cape Tech HS/Bourne, MA/CCBL
07/03/Wareham Gateman 8 Bourne Braves 7 11 innings/Spillane Park/Wareham, MA/CCBL
07/02/Orleans Cardinals 2 Harwich Mariners 1/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
07/01/Y-D Red Sox 8 Bourne Braves 5/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
06/30/Cotuit Kettleers 2 Harwich Mariners 0/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
06/23/Hyannis Mets 4 Wareham Gateman 3 10 innings/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL

06/14/New York Yankees 6 Cleveland Indians 1/Yankee Stadium

05/06/Tampa Yankees 3 Brevard Manatees (Brewers) 1/Legends Field/Tampa, FL/Florida State League/A
05/05/Tampa Yankees 3 Clearwater Threshers (Phillies) 1/Bright House Networks Field/Clearwater, FL/Florida State League/A
05/04/Sarasota Reds 4 Dunedin Blue Jays 1/Knology Park/Dunedin, FL/Florida State League/A
05/03/New York Yankees 4 Tampa Bay Devil Rays 2/Tropicana Park/St. Petersburg, FL/MLB
05/01/St. Lucie Mets 1 Brevard Manatees 0/Tradition Field/Port St. Lucie, FL/Florida State League/A
04/30/Palm Beach Cardinals 2 Vero Beach Dodgers 1/Holman Stadium/Vero Beach, FL/Florida State League/A
04/29/Lakeland Tigers 5 Clearwater Threshers 2/Joker Marchant Stadium/Lakeland, FL/Florida State League/A


10/7/Anaheim Angels vs. New York Yankees/ALDS Game 3/Yankee Stadium
09/19/Yankees 3 Orioles 2/Yankee Stadium
09/12/Williamsport Crosscutters vs. Staten Island Yankees/Ballpark at St. George
09/05/SWB Barons vs. Pawtucket Red Sox/McCoy Stadium/Pawtucket, RI
09/07/Yankees 5 Devil Rays 4/Yankee Stadium
08/24/Blue Jays 9 Yankees 5/Yankee Stadium
08/16/Cardinals vs. Cyclones/Keyspan Park
08/01/Auburn Doubledays vs. Staten Island Yankees/Ballpark at St. George
07/30/Nashua Pride vs. Bridgeport Bluefish/Ballpark at Harbor Yard/Bridgeport, CT.
05/10/Seattle at Yankees/Yankee Stadium
05/09/Seattle at Yankees/Yankee Stadium


09/18/Pennsylvania Road Warriors vs. Bridgeport Bluefish/Ballpark at Harbor Yord/Bridgeport, CT
08/04/Lowell Spinners vs. Staten Island Yankees/Ballpark at St. George
07/06/Tigers vs. Yankees/Yankee Stadium


08/24/TriCity Valley Cats 2 Vermont Expos 1 12 innings/Joseph L. Bruno Stadium/Troy, NY/NY-Penn League/A Short Season

07/20/Chatham 7 Cotuit 3/Cotuit
07/19/Falmouth 5 Harwich 3/Harwich
07/18/Chatham 1 Brewster 1 9 innings/Brewster
07/05/Hyannis 1 Cotuit 0/Cotuit
07/04/Y-D 4 Hyannis 3/Hyannis
07/03/Y-D 1 Wareham 0/Y-D
07/02/Cotuit 4 Hyannis 2/Hyannis
07/01/Bourne 6 Hyannis 0/Hyannis


08/02/Chatham 8 Harwich 6 10 innings/Harwich
07/21/Falmouth 7 Cotuit 3/Cotuit
07/20/Cotuit 13 Hyannis 0/Hyannis
07/19/Cotuit 10 Y-D 1/Y-D
07/06/Hyannis 7 Cotuit 5/Hyannis
07/05/Brewster 6 Harwich 5/Brewster
07/04/Bourne 7 Wareham 4/Bourne
07/03/Falmouth 7 Harwich 6/Falmouth
06/30/Harwich 4 Hyannis 2/Hyannis

5/22/Blue Jays 8 Yankees 3/Yankee Stadium


08/04/Orleans 6 Brewster 3/Orleans, MA/CCBL
07/07 Hyannis 4 Orleans 1/McKeon Field/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/06/Bourne 2 Harwich 0/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/04/Bourne 2 Wareham 1/Bourne, MA/CCBL
07/01/Hyannis 6 Bourne 3/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL


07/29/Team USA 2 Cape Cod League All Stars 2 12 innings/Veterans Field/Chatham, MA

07/13/Florida 11 Yankees 9/Yankee Stadium

07/07/Cotuit 2 Chatham 0 7 innings/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/06/Hyannis 3 Chatham 2 11 innings/McKeon Field/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/03/Harwich Mariners 6 Hyannis Mets 5/McKeon Field/Hyannis, MA/CCBL


09/30/Atlanta Braves 4 NY Mets 3 11 innings/Shea Stadium
09/01/Oakland 7 Yankees 1/Yankee Stadium
06/27/Mets 5 Marlins 2/Shea Stadium

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Neuromancer (Gibson)
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Blood Memory (Iles)
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Punk Rock: An Oral History (Robb)
Factotum (Bukowski)
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High Crimes (Finder)
Mr. Paradise (Leonard)
The Cry of the Owl (Highsmith)
Nerve Damage (Abrahams)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Rowling)
Crisscross (Wilson)
Shadows on the Hudson (Singer)
The Road (McCarthy)
Twelve Sharp (Evanovich)
The Book of Fate (Meltzer)
Harbingers (Wilson)
No Country for Old Men (McCarthy)
Power Play (Finder)
Pride and Pinstripes (Stottlemyre)
Mayflower (Philbrick)
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay (Chabon)
Watchmen (Moore/Gibbons)
Snow Crash (Stephenson)

Books 2006

The Oath (Peretti)
The Innocent (McEwan)
Talk to the Hand (Truss)
Night Fall (DeMille)
R is for Ricochet (Grafton)
State of Fear (Crichton)
Ten Big Ones (Evanovich)
Hostage (Crais)
Eleven on Top (Evanovich)
Pompeii (Harris)
Angels and Demons (Brown)
This Sweet Sickness (Highsmith)
A Walk on the Wild Side (Algren)
Resolved (Tannenbaum)
The Power and the Glory (Greene)
The Shadow of the Wind (Zafon)
Cell (King)
The Broker (Grisham)
Oblivion (Abrahams)
The Lincoln Lawyer (Connelly)
The Shroud of the Thwacker (Elliott)
The Hot Kid (Leonard)
Under Cover of Darkness (Grippando)
Journey to Bom Goody (Heuler)
Birds of Prey (Jance)
The Witness (Brown)
Break No Bones (Reichs)
Vanishing Point (Muller)
The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters (Dahlquist)
Killer Instinct (Finder)
The Good German (Kanon)
Saturday (McEwan)
The Good Life (McInerney)
Pattern Recognition (Gibson)

Books 2005

The Godfather (Puzo)
Derailed (Seigel)
The Kill Artist (Silva)
Cold Hit (Fairstein)
Perfect I’m Not (Wells)
The Zero Game (Meltzer)
Midnight Mass (Wilson)
Lights Out (Abrahams)
Warning Signs (White)
The First Counsel (Meltzer)
The Barrens and Others (Wilson)
The Last Slider (Connolly)
Lies and the Lying Liars… (Franken)
The Nanny Diaries (McLaughlin/Kraus)
The Curious Case of the Dog in the Night-Time (Haddon)
Detour (Seigel)
Bel Canto (Patchett)
Prince of Fire (Silva)
The Namesake (Lahiri)
The Time Travelers Wife (Niffenegger)
Freakonomics (Levitt/Dubner)
The Big Year (Obmascik)
Paranoia (Finder)
Harry Potter and the 1/2 Blood Prince (Rowling)
Written in Blood (Fanning)
Atonement (McEwan)
Stiff (Roach)
Hostile Witness (Lashner)
Chasing the Dime (Connelly)
Bully (Schutze)
The Blue Hour (T. Jefferson Parker)
Final Jeopardy (Fairstein)
Black Dogs (McEwan)
The Haunted Air (Wilson)
Kane and Abel (Archer)

Books 2004

The Unlikely Spy (Silva)
Prey (Crichton)
The King of Torts (Grisham)
Basket Case (Hiaasen)
The Mark of the Assassin (Silva)
The Constant Gardener (LeCarre)
The Da Vinci Code (Brown)
Department Thirty (Kent)
Deja Dead (Reichs)
Mystic River (Lehane)
Beyond Suspicion (Grippando)
Q is for Quarry (Grafton)
Holidays in Hell (O’Rourke)
The Five People You Meet in Heaven (Albom)
Alaska (Michener)
The Voyage (MacNeil)
The Teeth of the Tiger (Clancy)
The Last Best League (Collins)
The Truth about the Drug Companies (Angell)
A Multitude of Sins (Cornwell)
Sleep No More (Iles)
A Drink Before the War (Lehane)
The Pardon (Grippando)
A Painted House (Grisham)
The Vanished Man (Deaver)

Books 2003

Dead Even (Meltzer)
Hard Eight (Evanovich)
Dead Sleep (Iles)
The Sigma Protocol (Ludlum)
In the Pit with Piper (Piper)
Lobotomy (Ramone)
Small-Town Heroes (Davis)
Leadership (Giuliani)
Glamorama (Ellis)
The Analyst (Katzenbach)
Up Country (DeMille)
Lucky You (Hiaasen)
Visions of Sugar Plums (Evanovich)
From a Buick 8 (King)
My Tutor (Abrahams)
All Tomorrow’s Parties (Gibson)
The Tenth Justice (Meltzer)
Life of Pi (Martel)
The Powers That Be (Halberstam)
Total Control (Baldacci)
When the Wind Blows (Patterson)
Peace Like a River (Enger)
Dead Silence (Handberg)
The Lake House (Patterson)
Seabiscuit (Hillenbrand)
Invasion of Privacy (O’Shaugnessy)
Storm (Starling)
Absolute Certainty (Connors)
The Catcher was a Spy (Davidoff)
Temporary Sanity (Connors)
Smoldering (Harris)
H Potter Order of Phoenix (Rowling)
Barrel Fever (Sedaris)
The Soloist (Salzman)
Slider (Robinson)
To the Nines (Evanovich)
Fall Classics (Littlefield/Johnson)
Moneyball (Lewis)

Books 2002

An Unseemly Man (Flynt)
The Fountainhead (Rand)
The Blue Nowhere (Deaver)
Parallel Lies (Pearson)
Hugger Mugger (Parker)
A King’s Ransom (Grippando)
Potter/Sorcerer Stone (Rowling)
Dead Ground (Seymour)
Potter/Chamber of Secrets (Rowling)
Potter/Prisoner of Azkaban (Rowling)
October 1964 (Halberstam)
Potter/Goblet of Fire (Rowling)
The Summons (Grisham)
Black House (King/Straub)
The Hobbit (Tolkien)
Fellowship of the Ring (Tolkien)
Booked to Die (Dunning)
About a Boy (Hornby)
Suzanne’s Diary Nicholas (Patterson)
The Two Towers (Tolkien)
The Bookman’s Wake (Dunning)
Everything’s Eventual (King)
The Return of the King (Tolkien)
Motion to Suppress (O’Shaugnessy)
K-PAX (Brewer)
One For the Money (Evanovich)
The Millionaires (Meltzer)
Mortal Prey (Sandford)
House on the Strand (du Maurier)
Summer of ’49 (Halberstam)
The Vig (Lescroart)
The English Assassin (Silva)
The Hearing (Lescroart)
Two for the Dough (Evanovich)
The Scapegoat (du Maurier)
Hosts (Wilson)
Flesh and Blood (Kellerman)
Three to Get Deadly (Evanovich)
Rough Justice (Scottoline)
Tishomingo Blues (Leonard)
The Fourth Hand (Irving)
A Perfect Crime (Abrahams)
Toxin (Cook)
Mortal Fear (Iles)
Four to Score (Evanovich)
Cuba Libre (Leonard)
Chosen Prey (Sandford)
High Five (Evanovich)
The Beach House (Patterson/De Jonge)
Hot Six (Evanovich)
The Cove (Coulter)
Among the Thugs (Buford)
Seven Up (Evanovich)

Books 2001

Atlas Shrugged (Rand)
The Partner (Grisham)
Sanctuary (F. Kellerman)
The First Victim (Pearson)
Into The Fire (Wiltse)
Timeline (Crichton)
Easy Prey (Sandford)
Be Cool (Leonard)
Deep as the Marrow (Wilson)
The Quiet Game (Iles)
The Runaway Jury (Grisham)
A Man in Full (Wolfe)
All Roads Lead to Oct. (Allen)
Dreamcatcher (King)
Sick Puppy (Hiaasen)
Ashes to Ashes (Hoag)
The Iron Lance (Lawhead)
OJ is Guilty but not of Murder (Dear)
The Extra Man (Ames)
P is for Peril (Grafton)
Silent Witness (RN Patterson)
The Brethren (Grisham)
The Empty Chair (Deaver)
Survival/Fittest (J. Kellerman)
O is for Outlaw (Grafton)
Pagan Babies (Leonard)
24 Hours (Iles)
Turn of the Century (Andersen)
In the Dark (Laymon)
Dr. Death (J. Kellerman)
Stranglers Song by Song (Cornwell)
A Widow For One Year (Irving)
Hollywood (Bukowski)
The Bear and the Dragon (Clancy)

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05/13/The Feelies/Rough Trade/Brooklyn


10/29/The Dickies featuring second album/Bowery Electric/New York
10/28/The Dickies featuring first album/Bowery Electric/New York
10/02/Luna/Cut Worms/Rough Trade/Brooklyn
10/01/Luna/Sam Evian/Rough Trade/Brooklyn
09/28/Britta Phillips performs Luck or Magic/Idgy Dean/Le Poisson Rouge/New York
09/13/Lush/Music Hall of Williamsburg/Brooklyn
05/27/Luna/Heaven/The Bell House/Brooklyn
04/26/The Residents present Shadowland + Theory of Obscurity film/Gramercy Theater/New York
03/28/Savages/Irving Plaza/New York
01/16/Richard Lloyd/Steve Conte/Bowery Electric/New York
01/8/Holy Holy perform The Man Who Sold The World/Highline Ballroom/New York


10/9/Luna/EZTV/Music Hall of Williamsburg/Brooklyn
10/8/Luna/Diane Coffee/Bowery Ballroom/New York
10/7/Luna/Diane Coffee/Bowery Ballroom/New York
08/16/Psychedelic Furs/The Church/Cape Cod Melody Tent/Hyannis, MA
06/04/Wire/Bowery Ballroom/New York
05/29/Billy Idol/Pier 97 Hudson River Park/New York
05/26/The Pixies/Beacon Theater/New York
04/16/Buzzcocks/Irving Plaza/New York
03/07/Suicide/Webster Hall/New York
01/28/Savages/Mercury Lounge/New York
01/24/Alejandro Escovedo featuring With These Hands/City Winery/New York


12/08/The Empty Hearts/The Connection/BB Kings/New York
09/20/Stiff Little Fingers/Irving Plaza/New York
09/13/The Members/The Studio at Webster Hall/New York
04/05/Dean Wareham/Bowery Ballroom/New York
04/01/Kraftwerk in 3D/United Palace/New York
02/01/Blondie/Times Square – Super Bowl Blvd/New York


09/28/Jimmy Cliff/Webster Hall/New York
06/02/Andy Shernoff/Bear 54 w/ Billy Ficca/Howl Festival/Tompkins Sq./New York
01/19/John Cale performing Paris 1919 w/ Wordless Music Orchestra/BAM/Brooklyn


12/18/Leonard Cohen/Madison Square Garden/New York
12/01/Graham Parker and the Rumour/NY Society for Ethical Culture/New York
09/22/Handsome Dick Manitoba/The Studio at Webster Hall/New York
04/14/Garland Jeffreys and the Coney Island Playboys/Highline Ballroom/New York


10/1/X featuring Los Angeles/Irving Plaza/New York
09/27/The Humans feat. Toyah Willcox/Highline Ballroom/New York
4/30/Alejandro Escovedo and the Sensitive Boys/Jesse Malin and the St. Marks Social Club/The Bell House/Brooklyn, NY
4/5/Wire/Music Hall of Williamsburg/Brooklyn, NY


03-Dec/Peter Hook presents Unknown Pleasures w/ The Light/Webster Hall
18-May/Public Image Ltd./Terminal 5
20-Apr/The Specials/Terminal 5


20-Nov/Devo (First Album)/Irving Plaza
23-Oct/Leonard Cohen/Madison Square Garden
6-Jun/Dean & Britta/Cheval Sombre/Le Poisson Rouge


21-Nov/Bob Dylan/United Palace Theatre
9-Oct/Wire/Irving Plaza
1-Oct/Echo and the Bunnymen feat. Ocean Rain w/ orchestra/Glasvegas/Radio City Music Hall
29-Jul/Crosby, Stills and Nash/Central Park Summerstage
20-Jun/Blondie: Parallel Lines 30th Anniversary tour/Miss Derringer/Cape Cod Melody Tent
30-May/Wire/South Street Seaport River to River Festival
5-May/Lou Reed/Highline Ballroom
1-Mar/Dean & Britta/Keren Ann/Bowery Ballroom
12-Jan/Ginger (from the Wildhearts) acoustic w/ Scott Metzger/Mercury Lounge
5-Dec/Carbon/Silicon/Highline Ballroom
1-Nov/Ginger (from the Wildhearts) acoustic w/ Scott Metzger/Knitting Factory Tap Room
19-Oct/The Wildhearts/Club Exit
2-Jun/Dean & Britta (Luna)/My Robot Friend/Luna Lounge
30-Mar/Dean & Britta (Luna) w/ Michael Holland/Hiro Ballroom
9-Jan/Dean & Britta (Luna)/Upstairs at Mo Pitkin’s
16-Dec/Lou Reed performs “Berlin”/Warehouse at St. Anns
8-Sep/The Avengers feat. Penelope Houston/CBGB
5-Jul/Elvis Costello and the Imposters featuring Allen Toussaint with The Crescent City Horns and Anthony Brown/Cape Cod Melody Tent
14-Apr/Eleventh Dream Day/Antietam/Mercury Lounge
4-Apr/Ginger and the Sonic Circus/Trashlight Vision/Don Hill’s
13-Jan/The Onion’s War on Christmas Party/The Wrens/Eugene Mirman/The Favours/Mission of Burma/Bowery Ballroom
5-Aug/Ari-Up/Bush Tetras/CBGB
4-Aug/Patti Smith/Central Park Summerstage
20-Jul/Joan Jett & the Blackhearts/The Donnas/Central Park/Nike Run Hit Wonder
17-May/Gang of Four/Irving Plaza
28-Apr/The New York Dolls/Irving Plaza
26-Mar/Wreckless Eric/The Knitting Factory Tap Room
28-Feb/Luna/Bowery Ballroom/Farewell show
7-Sep/Siouxsie/BB Kings
14-Aug/Little Steven’s Underground Garage Fest/Iggy and the Stooges/The Strokes/The NY Dolls/Pretty Things/Raveonettes/Bo Diddley/Big Star/The Dictators/Nancy Sinatra/Romantics/B4’s/45’s/The Pete Best Band/Paybacks/Mooney Suzuki/Chesterfield Kings/Creation/Cocktail Slippers/Electric Prunes/Shazam/Chocolate Watchband/Woggles/Stems/Lyres/Cynics/Charms/Boss Martians/Fuzztones/Randall’s Island
8-Aug/Iggy and the Stooges/Jones Beach
17-Jul/Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band/Giants Stadium
10-Jun/Lou Reed/Town Hall
24-Apr/The Doors/Roseland Ballroom
20-Oct/David Bowie/Beacon Theater
12-Oct/David Bowie/Warehouse at St. Anns
18-Sep/Wire/Irving Plaza
23-Jul/Blondie/B52’s/Jones Beach
21-Jul/A Walk down Abbey Road/Christopher Cross/Mark Farner/Todd Rundgren/Jack Bruce/Alan Parsons/Cape Cod Melody Tent
19-Apr/Siousxie and the Banshees/Roseland
6-Apr/Joe Strummer/Warehouse at St. Anns
1-Apr/Joe Strummer/Warehouse at St. Anns
19-Feb/Slaughter and the Dogs/Maxwell’s
13-Nov/Iggy Pop/Irving Plaza
10-Oct/Joe Strummer/Irving Plaza
24-Jul/Joe Strummer/Virgin Megastore Times Square
23-Jul/Roxy Music/MSG Theater
18-June/Aerosmith/Jones Beach
20-May/Bon Jovi/SR-71/Albany Pepsi Arena
24-Apr/Billy Idol/The Bottom Line
13-Dec/John Cale/The Village Underground
2-Dec/Buzzcocks/Kunst PS (Pete Shelley)/Steve Diggle Band/Bowery Ballroom
17-Nov/The Reducers/Heap/Manitoba’s
15-May/Wire/Irving Plaza
23-Nov/Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros/Roseland
22-Aug/Bruce Hornsby w/ Bela Fleck/Cape Cod Melody Tent
23-Jul/Luna/The Shirts/Prospect Park Bandshell
21-Jul/Marianne Faithfull/Central Park Summerstage
30-Jun/Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros/Irving Plaza
23-Feb/Hazel O’Connor/Mercury Lounge
10-Sep/Bauhaus/Hammerstein Ballroom
8-Sep/Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds/Beacon Theater
5-Aug/The Verve/Hammerstein Ballroom
28-Jul/Patti Smith/Bowery Ballroom
15-Jul/Super Furry Animals/Knitting Factory
2-May/Gary Numan/Irving Plaza
25-Oct/The Truents/ABC No Rio
24-Oct/Robert Gordon/Rodeo Bar
13-Sep/The Mekons/Mercury Lounge
11-Sep/Luna/The Supper Club
26-Aug/Radiohead/Hammerstein Ballroom
14-Jun/Darling/Slinkyhead/Royal Family/Citzen Kail (Paul Roberts intro)/Soho Square Shelter Benefit
7-Jun/John Spencer Blues Explosion/Porno for Pyros/Radiohead/Tribe Called Quest/U2/Patti Smith/Sonic Youth/Noel Gallagher/Foo Fighters/Amnesty Int’l Randalls Island
5-Jun/Kenickie/Mercury Lounge
29-May/Supergrass/Irving Plaza
2-Feb/The Truents/Spriral
9-Jan/David Bowie 50th B’day w/ Frank Black/Robert Smith/Foo Fighters/Lou Reed/Sonic Youth/Billy Corgan/MSG
27-Nov/Social Distortion/D Generation/Roseland
3-Sep/Manic Street Preachers/Maxwell’s
9-Aug/Sex Pistols/Roseland
26-Jul/D Generation/Irving Plaza
20-Jul/Throwing Muses/Luna/Cornershop/Central Park Summerstage
17-Jul/Ash/Irving Plaza
10-Jul/Soundgarden/Ramones/Rancid/Lollapalooza Randall’s Island
2-Jul/Buzzcocks/Irving Plaza
10-Apr/Echobelly/Irving Plaza
8-Apr/Iggy Pop/Roseland
31-Mar/Lou Reed/Luna/Beacon Theater
28-Nov/Echobelly/Irving Plaza
6-Nov/Elastica/The Academy
22-Sep/Stiff Little Fingers/Tramps
8-Sep/The Goo Goo Dolls/Cooper Square
4-Sep/Bad Company/Ted Nugent/Hartford Meadows
26-Aug/The Allman Bros/Rusted Root/SPAC
28-Jul/Elastica/D Generation/Superchunk/Lollapalooza Randall’s Island
27-Jul/Patti Smith/Central Park Summerstage
22-Jul/John Cale/Central Park Summerstage
1-Jun/These Animal Men/Maxwell’s
20-May/Stone Roses/Manhattan Center Ballroom
12-May/Throwing Muses/Irving Plaza
8-Mar/Oasis/The Academy
4-Feb/D Generation/CBGB
16-Nov/D Generation/Irving Plaza
29-Oct/AR Kane/CBGB Gallery
29-Sep/Blur/The Academy
17-Jun/Soundgarden/The Armory
13-Jun/Frank Black/Wetlands
13-Mar/The Pogues/Beacon Theater
12-Oct/Iggy Pop/The Academy
6-Sep/James/Jah Wobble/Inner Circle/Womad Festival-SPAC
23-Jul/Buzzcocks/The Academy
12-Jun/Pere Ubu/Irving Plaza
15-Dec/Television/The Academy
25-Nov/Paul Weller/Irving Plaza
14-Nov/The Rogues/Bang On
15-Jun/Black 47/Paddy Reilly’s
15-Apr/John Washington/Loup Garou/Tramps
1-Apr/BAD II/PiL/Live/Blind Melon/The Ritz
1-Nov/Buzzcocks/The Ritz
26-Sep/The Pogues/Beacon Theater
12-July/Wire/Mean Fiddler/London, UK
19-Jun/Johnny Thunders Memorial/Marquee
10-May/Leisure Class/Beowulf
4-May/Royal Crescent Mob/Marquee
27-Apr/The Dictators/Palladium
23-Mar/Meat Loaf/The Ritz
28-Feb/Neil Young/Sonic Youth/Social Distortion/Nassau Coliseum
19-Nov/Iggy Pop/Toad’s Place
10-Nov/Iggy Pop/The Academy
9-Nov/Social Distortion/Marquee
22-Oct/Soup Dragons/Maxwell’s
1-Sep/Cheetah Chrome/Dollhouse/Continental Divide
6-Jul/Leisure Class/Woody’s
14-Jun/Wedding Present/Marquee
24-Mar/Leisure Class/Zantoda/Gas
8-Mar/Chemical Wedding/Heartbreaks
17-Feb/Eleventh Dream Day/Woody’s
17-Jan/Psychedelic Furs/CBGB
22-Nov/The Pixies/The Mekons/The Ritz
11-Nov/Joe Strummer/The Palladium
10-Nov/The Buzzcocks/The Ritz
1-Oct/The Pogues/Phranc/Beacon Theater
27-Aug/The Allman Brothers/Beacon Theater
22-Aug/Loop/Terminal Cheesecake/God/Canterwell Tavern/London, UK
16-Jul/Public Image Ltd./The Ritz
12-Jul/Pere Ubu/The Ritz
23-Jun/Stiff Little Fingers/The Ritz
4-Apr/Legendary Pink Dots/Pyramid Club
20-Nov/Devo/The Ritz
31-Oct/Iggy Pop/Beacon Theater
20-Oct/Siouxsie and the Banshees/Radio City Music Hall
17-Oct/The Sugarcubes/CBGB
30-Sep/Sham 69/CBGB
29-Sep/Sham 69/The Original Sins/Expletive Deleted/CBGB
11-Sep/The Sugarcubes/The Ritz
10-Sep/Iggy Pop/Jane’s Addiction/The Pier
20-Jul/Iggy Pop/The Ritz
9-Jul/The Mekons/CBGB
2-Jul/Wire/The Ritz
20-Jan/Manitoba’s Wild Kingdom/The Waldos/The Cat Club
18-Nov/Public Image Limited/Beacon Theater
13-Nov/That Petrol Emotion/The Ritz
6-Nov/Jesus and Mary Chain/The Ritz
4-Aug/TV Smith/Anhrefn/Sir George Robey Finsbury Park/London, UK
25-Jul/Siouxsie and the Banshees/The Fall/Wire/Psychic TV/Gaye Bykers on Acid/Finsbury Park/London, UK
13-Jun/Wire/Ex-Lion Tamers/The Ritz
23-May/Red Lorry Yellow Lorry/The Ritz
16-May/The Mekons/CBGB
27-Apr/Eric Clapton/Robert Cray/MSG
22-Apr/Big Audio Dynamite/Irving Plaza
18-Apr/The Dead Boys/The Ritz
5-Apr/Iggy Pop/1018
31-Mar/The Pretenders/The Smithereens/Radio City Music Hall
26-Mar/Husker Du/The Ritz
14-Mar/Concrete Blonde/Irving Plaza
26-Feb/Julian Cope/The Ritz
14-Feb/Peter Murphy/The Ritz
30-Jan/Dave Edmunds/The Ritz
16-Jan/Johnny Thunders/The Ritz
6-Dec/Big Audio Dynamite/1018
13-Nov/Iggy Pop/The Ritz
20-Sep/The Dickies/CBGB
21-Jul/Bob Dylan/Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers/Meadowlands Arena
16-Jul/Lou Reed/The Ritz
10-Oct/The Dickies/The Dead Milkman/Irving Plaza
1-Oct/The Band/Ben Vaughn Combo/Lone Star Cafe
25-Aug/Dickey Betts/Mindy J and the Cyclone Rangers/Lone Star Cafe
15-Aug/Squeeze/The Truth/Pier 84
6-Apr/Midnight Oil/The Ritz
27-Oct/The Ramones/Reds
24-Sep/The Grateful Dead/Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds
18-Sep/The Grateful Dead/Nevada County Fairgrounds
17-Sep/David Bowie/The Tubes/Translator/Oakland Coliseum
16-Jul/The Ramones/Pier 84
3-Nov/Wall of Voodoo/Spit
24-Sep/The Blasters/The Joneses/Peppermint Lounge
3-Mar/OMD/Michael Pollack Band/Northstage Theater
25-Jul/The Dictators/The Zantees/Club 57
4-Jan/The Ramones/The Rattlers/Rock-Away
21-Nov/The Buzzcocks/The Rattlers/My Father’s Place
8-Aug/Magazine/The The/Club 57
21-Jun/Bloodless Pharoahs/Comateens/Fleshtones/Revelons/Student Teachers/Club 57
29-Feb/The Jam/The Inmates/The Speedies/Palladium
6-Jan/The Ramones/Swift Kick/Detroit
31-Oct/Plasmatics/NY N’s/My Father’s Place
18-Oct/B-52’s/The Rattlers/Stony Brook Union
29-Sep/The Ramones/The Rattlers/Zappa’s
18-Aug/Talking Heads/B-52’s/Calderone
11-Aug/Plasmatics/Panic Squad/Club 57
6-Aug/The Ramones/Syl Sylvaine/Central Park
4-Aug/John Cale/The Invaders/Regina Richard and Red Hot/Student Teachers
21-Jul/The Ramones/The A’s/My Father’s Place
15-Jul/Jorma Kaukonen/Flo and Eddie/Belmont Racetrack
8-Jul/Blondie/Rockpile/Belmont Racetrack
14-Jun/John Cale/The The/CBGB
10-Apr/The Ramones/Shrapnel/CBGB
6-Apr/The Ramones/Birdland/Young Adults/My Father’s Place
31-Mar/Elvis Costello/Rubinoos/Palladium
9-Mar/The Ramones/Fabulous Poodles/Birdland/Palladium
11-Jan/The Grateful Dead/Nassau Coliseum
24-Nov/10CC/Reggie Knighton Band/Stony Brook
21-Oct/The Ramones/Johnny Castro and the Convertibles/Queens College
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Stranglers gigs

Date/Venue/Location/Opening bands/Comments
Stranglers (98)
24-Mar/Brixton, Academy/Brixton, UK/Ruts DC
23-Mar/Cliffs Pavillion/Southend-on-Sea, UK/Ruts DC
21-Mar/G-Live/Guildford, UK/Ruts DC
20-Mar/02 Guildhall/Southampton, UK/Ruts DC
18-Mar/02 Academy/Birmingham, UK/Ruts DC
15-Nov/Salzhaus/Winterthur, Switzerland
13-Mar/Cliffs Pavillion/Southend-on-Sea, UK/The Rezillos
8-Jun/Cobra Lounge/Chicago/Mike Marlin
7-Jun/Cobra Lounge/Chicago/Mike Marlin
5-Jun/Union Transfer/Philadelphia
4-Jun/Brighton Music Hall/Boston
3-Jun/Highline Ballroom/New York
24-Mar/Manchester Academy/Manchester, UK/Mike Marlin/The Popes
23-Mar/Sheffield O2 Arena/Sheffield, UK/Mike Marlin/The Popes
20-Nov/Camden Centre/London, UK/Convention 2011 Day 2/Polyphonic Size/Wilko Johnson
19-Nov/Camden Centre/London, UK/Convention 2011 Day 1/Mike Peters/Goldblade
11-Apr/Rene Magritte Centre/Lessines, Belgium/Polyphonic Size
10-Apr/Parkstad Limburg/Heerlen, Holland/Audiofeel
9-Apr/Rene Magritte Centre/Lessines, Belgium/Polyphonic Size
8-Apr/De Kade/Zaandam, Holland
20-Mar/Manchester Academy/Manchester, UK/Max Raptor
19-Mar/Hammersmith Apollo/London, UK/Max Raptor
18-Mar/Cambridge Corn Exchange/Cambridge, UK/Max Raptor
15-Nov/Shepherds Bush Empire/London, UK/Starbase 109
14-Nov/Shepherds Bush Empire/London, UK/Starbase 109
12-Nov/Leas Cliff Hall/Folkestone, UK/Starbase 109
24-Nov/Unplugged w/ Neil Sparkes/ Stadsschouwburg/St. Niklaas, Belgium
23-Nov/Unplugged w/ Neil Sparkes/ Stadsschouwburg/Brugge, Belgium
22-Nov/Unplugged w/ Neil Sparkes/ Stadsschouwburg/Mechelan, Belgium
21-Nov/Unplugged w/ Neil Sparkes/ Stadsschouwburg/Kortrijk, Belgium
4-Nov/Rattus at the Roundhouse/Roundhouse/London, UK/DJ Andy Dunkley, John Cooper Clarke
3-Nov/Manchester Academy/Manchester, England/Teasing Lulu
6-Mar/Nasa/Reykjavik, Iceland/Fraebblunum
24-Sep/Durham University/Durham, UK/Taxi to the Ocean
23- Sep/ABC/Glasgow, Scotland, UK/Taxi to the Ocean
2-Dec/Shepherds Bush Empire/London, UK/Acoustic set, Norfolk Coast screening/Electric set
30-Nov/Broadway Theater/Peterborough, UK/Acoustic and Electric sets
21-Oct/The Mod Club/Toronto, CA
20-Oct/Club Soda/Montreal, CA
19-Oct/Barrymore’s/Ottawa, CA
14-Mar/Rock City/Nottingham, UK/Goldblade
13-Mar/Cambridge Corn Exchange/Cambridge, UK/Goldblade
12-Mar/Shepherds Bush Empire/London, UK/Goldblade
3-Oct/Cabot Hall Canary Wharf/London, UK/Semi-Acoustic
26-Oct/Cultuurcentrum/Deurne Antwerp, Belgium/Semi-Acoustic
25-Oct/De Velinx/Tongeren, Belgium/Semi-Acoustic
24-Oct/Cineclub/Herental, Belgium/Semi-Acoustic
23-Oct/De Spil/Roeselare, Belgium/Semi-Acoustic
2-Mar/Shepherds Bush Empire/Semi-Acoustic and Electric sets/Snake-around Sue
6-Nov/The Barrowlands/Glasgow, Scotland, UK
5-Nov/Town Hall/Middlesbrough, UK
4-Nov/Barbican/York, UK/Schindler
3-Nov/St. Georges Hall/Bradford, UK
1-Nov/The Grand/Blackpool, UK
31-Oct/Sands Centre/Carlisle, Scotland, UK
21-Nov/Shepherds Bush Empire/London, UK
20-Nov/UEA/Norwich, UK
19-Nov/City Hall/Salisbury, UK
18-Nov/Wilfrun Hall/Wolverhampton, UK
16-Nov/Pavilion/Rhyl, Wales, UK
15-Nov/The Grand/Blackpool, UK
14-Nov/Philharmonic/Liverpool, UK
13-Nov/Barbican Theatre/York, UK
11-Nov/Derngate Theatre/Northampton, UK
10-Nov/Guildford Civic Hall, Guildford, UK
26-Nov/Guildhall/Southampton, UK/Leisure Noise
24-Nov/Derngate Theater/Northampton
23-Nov/Eastbourne Theater/Easbourne, UK/Leisure Noise
22-Nov/Congress Theater/Tunbridge Wells, UK
20-Nov/Dacorum Theater/Hemel Hempstead, UK
19-Nov/Warwick Arts Center/Warwick, UK
13-Jun/Royal Albert Hall/London, UK/w/ Electra String Orchestra/Mike Peters, Johnny Rubbish, Gut Bargin’
27-Mar/Wetlands/New York, NY/Furniture
23-Mar/Billboard Live/Los Angeles, CA/Mother of Two
22-Mar/Ventura Theater/Ventura, CA
21-Mar/The Coach House/San Juan Capistrano, CA/The Globe/Nikki Smart
7-Sep/St. Pancras Arts Depot/London, UK/Convention-Semi-Acoustic
7-Sep/Bagleys/London, UK/Convention-Electric
7-Sep/The Water Rat-Splash Club/London, UK/Acoustic
16-Dec/The Forum-Kentish Town/London, UK
15-Dec/The Clapham Grand/London, UK
15-Dec/Yours For a Song/London, UK/In-store acoustic
12-Dec/The Barrowlands/Glasgow, Scotland, UK
11-Dec/Academy/Manchester, UK
10-Dec/Rock City/Nottingham, UK
10-Jul/Ventura Theater/Ventura, CA
9-Jul/The Strand/Redondo Beach, CA
8-Jul/The Coach House/San Juan Capistrano, CA
7-Jul/Chiller’s/San Diego, CA
19-Jun/The Fast Lane/Asbury Park, NJ
18-Jun/Axis/Boston, MA
16-Jun/The Grand/New York, NY
17-Apr/The Ritz/New York, NY
16-Apr/The Ritz/New York, NY
2-Apr/The Ritz/New York, NY
19-Jun/Bonds Int’l Casino/New York, NY/Jo Marshall
27-Mar/Privates/New York, NY/Wall of Voodoo
18-Oct/Club 57 Irving Plaza/New York, NY/Skafish
Stranglers solo gigs (40)

Hugh Cornwell
8-Dec/Highline Ballroom/Ian Rubbish/Fred Armisen/New York, NY
26-Oct/Mercury Lounge/New York, NY
24-Oct/J&R Music World/New York, NY
23-Oct/The Record Collector/Bordentown, NJ
22-Oct/Brighton Bar/Long Branch, NJ
21-Oct/Montgomery College/Dot Dash/Rockville, Md
19-May/Irving Plaza/Richard LLoyd/The Rattlers/Black 47/Guests/New York
26-Oct/Mercury Lounge/New York
24-Oct/World Cafe Live/Philadelphia, PA
23-Oct/Brighton Bar/Long Branch, NJ
22-Oct/The Record Collector/Bordentown, NJ


12-Sep/Highline Ballroom/New York
11-Sep/The Record Collector/Bordentown, NJ
10-Sep/The Black Cat/Washington, DC
9-Sep/Brighton Bar/Long Branch, NJ
8-Sep/Johnny Brenda’s/Philadelphia, PA
9-Feb/The Blender Theater in Gramercy/From the Jam/New York
18-Mar/The Black Sheep Inn/Wakefield, Quebec, CA/Solo acoustic
19-Mar/Cafe Campus Petit/Montreal, Quebec, CA/Solo acoustic
16-Apr/Islington Bar Academy/with Band
15-Apr/Islington Bar Academy/with Band
14-Apr/Islington Bar Academy/with Band
12-Oct/Loop Lounge/Passaic, NJ/with Sumyunguise
25-Mar/Bullingdon Arms/Oxford, UK/with Sumyunguise
23-Mar/100 Club/London, UK/with Sumyunguise
27-Nov/Mercury Lounge/New York, NY/Solo
30-Oct/Leicester Guildhall/Leicester, UK/Solo
21-Mar/Upstairs at Nick’s/Philadelphia/Solo
17-Mar/Mercury Lounge/New York, NY/Solo
9-Dec/The Lomax/Liverpool, UK/with Band
Paul Roberts
20-May/Acoustic w/ Andy Ellis/Monkey Town/Brooklyn, NY
19-May/Acoustic w/ Andy Ellis/Cafe Nine/New Haven, CT
13-Nov/Acoustic w/ Andy Ellis/Comedy Bunker @ Ruislip Golf Centre/Ruislip, UK
2-Nov/Acoustic w/ Andy Ellis/Poachers/Chalfont, St. Peter, UK
8-Mar/”BlackinTown” w/ John Ellis/100 Club/London, UK/Exorsisters
15-Apr/Walthamstow The Plough/London, UK/Soulsec
30-Sep/Farnham-The Maltings/The Faith Band Solar Live
22-Mar/The Borderline/London, UK/The Faith Band
JJ Burnel
26-Jan/Mercury Lounge/New York, NY/The Pat Dinizio Foursome
Baz Warne
9-Apr/Peterlee Football Club/Peterlee, UK/Solo
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Central America 12/05

17-Dec-2005: San Jose, Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica
18-Dec-2005: At Sea
19-Dec-2005: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua  Excursion: Granada, Masaya Volcano and Craft Market
20-Dec-2005: Playas del Coco, Costa Rica  Excursion: Congo Trail Canopy
21-Dec-2005: Quepos, Costa Rica  Excursion: Mangrove Wildlife and Boat Cruise, Manuel Antonio Park Nature Walk
22-Dec-2005: Bahia Paraiso, Costa Rica Excursion: Nature Walk at a Biological Reserve
23-Dec-2005: Isla Coiba, Costa Rica
24-Dec-2005: Isla San Telmo, Panama
25-Dec-2005: Panama Canal, Panama
26-Dec-2005: Chiriqui Lagoon, Panama  Excursion: Zapatilla Keys and Dolphin experience
27-Dec-2005: Puerto Limon, San Jose, Costa Rica
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