2017 (2/0)

05/08/Pawtucket Red Sox 3 SWB Railriders 0/McCoy Stadium/Pawtucket, RI/IL/AAA
04/28/Yankees 14 Orioles 11 in 10/Yankee Stadium

2016 (58/50)

08/13/Y-D 3 Falmouth 0 Rd 3 Gm 3/Fuller Field
08/12/Y-D 9 Falmouth 4 Rd 3 Gm 2/Red Wilson Field
08/11/Falmouth 5 Y-D 4 Rd 3 Gm 1/Fuller Field
08/10/Falmouth 6 Bourne 2 Rd 2 Gm 3/Fuller Field
08/09/Y-D 4 Chatham 1 Rd 2 Gm 2/Veterans Field
08/08/Bourne 7 Falmouth 4 Rd 2 Gm 1/Fuller Field
08/07/Chatham 3 Harwich 1 Rd 1 Gm 3/Whitehouse Field
08/06/Falmouth 8 Hyannis 2 Rd 1 Gm 2/McKeon Park
08/05/Chatham 3 Harwich 1 Rd 1 Gm 1/Whitehouse Field
08/05/Y-D 4 Orleans 2 Rd 1 Gm 1/Red Wilson Field

08/03/Yankees 9 Mets 5/Yankee Stadium
08/02/Mets 7 Yankees 1/Citi Field
08/02/Aberdeen Ironbirds 2 Brooklyn Cyclones 0/MCU Park/NY-Penn/A Short Season
08/01/Auburn Doubledays 4 SI Yankees 3 in 10/Ballpark at St. George/NY-Penn/A Short Season

07/31/Wareham 4 Y-D 4 in 9/Red Wilson Field
07/30/Orleans 2 Hyannis 1/McKeon Park
07/29/Falmouth 4 Wareham 3/Fuller Field
07/27/Brewster 3 Bourne 0/Doran Park
07/26/Falmouth 7 Hyannis 3/McKeon Park

07/25/Plymouth Pilgrims 7 Keene Swamp Bats 2/Forges Field/Plymouth, MA/NECBL

07/24/Y-D 3 Harwich 0/Whitehouse Field
07/23/West 8 East 0/Veteran’s Field/CCBL All-Star Game
07/22/Harwich 9 Falmouth 2/Fuller Field
07/21/Hyannis 5 Brewster 2/McKeon Park
07/20/Falmouth 4 Harwich 2/Whitehouse Field
07/19/Y-D 1 Orleans 0 in 10/Red Wilson Field
07/18/Wareham 3 Harwich 2/Spillane Park
07/17/Wareham 2 Orleans 1/Eldredge Park
07/16/Harwich 11 Orleans 0/Whitehouse Field
07/15/Y-D 8 Falmouth 4/Red Wilson Field
07/10/Cotuit 2 Hyannis 1/McKeon Park
07/09/Brewster 5 Cotuit 0/Lowell Park
07/08/Hyannis 1 Harwich 0/McKeon Park

07/07/Brockton Rox 8 Seacoast Mavericks 5/Campanelli Stadium/Brockton, MA/FCBL

07/06/Harwich 1 Bourne 0 in 11/Doran Park
07/05/Harwich 4 Bourne 2/Whitehouse Field
07/04/Falmouth 2 Cotuit 0/Fuller Field
07/03/Y-D 8 Hyannis 7/Red Wilson Field
07/02/Bourne 2 Brewster 1/Stony Brook ES
07/01/Hyannis 10 Chatham 0/Veteran’s Field
06/29/Orleans 4 Harwich 1/Eldredge Park
06/28/Harwich 5 Brewster 1/Whitehouse Field

06/27/Winnipesaukee Muskrats 8 Newport Gulls 6/Cardines Field/Newport, RI/NECBL

06/26/Wareham 9 Brewster 8/Stony Brook ES
06/25/Harwich 2 Orleans 1/Whitehouse Field
06/24/Falmouth 7 Orleans 3/Fuller Field
06/23/Harwich 6 Chatham 0/Whitehouse Field
06/19/Hyannis 5 Cotuit 4/Lowell Park
06/18/Y-D 5 Bourne 1/Red Wilson Field
06/18/Hyannis 5 Wareham 4/McKeon Park
06/17/Wareham 6 Falmouth 5/Spillane Park
06/16/Wareham 3 Harwich 2/Whitehouse Field
06/15/Chatham 8 Bourne 3/Doran Park
06/14/Falmouth 5 Hyannis 0/McKeon Park
06/13/Brewster 14 Chatham 6 in 8/Stony Brook ES
06/12/Bourne 5 Hyannis 4 in 10/McKeon Park
06/10/Wareham 6 Y-D 3/Red Wilson Field

04/23/Yankees 3 Rays 2/Yankee Stadium

2015 (63/55)

11/29/Tigres de Licey 3 Aguilas Cibaenas 2 in 10/Estadio Quisqueya/LIDOM/Santo Domingo, DR

09/15/WV Black Bears 3 SI Yankees 1 Finals Game 2/Ballpark at St. George/NY-Penn League/A Short Season

09/02/Pawtucket Red Sox 10 LHV Iron Pigs 2/McCoy Stadium/Pawtucket, RI/IL/AAA

08/30/Cleveland Indians 9 LA Angels 2/Progressive Field/Cleveland, OH
08/29/Cleveland Indians 8 LA Angels 3/Progressive Field/Cleveland, OH
08/28/Pittsburgh Pirates 5 Colorado 3/PNC Park/Pittsburgh, PA
08/27/Akron Rubber Ducks 6 Richmond Flying Squirrels 5/Canal Park/Akron, OH/Eastern League/AA

08/09/Y-D 8 Hyannis 1 Finals Game 3/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
08/10/Y-D 9 Hyannis 3 Finals Game 2/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/09/Hyannis 8 Y-D 1 Finals Game 1/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
08/08/Y-D 2 Orleans 1 EC Round 2 Game 3/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
08/07/Y-D 2 Orleans 1 in 13 EC Round 2 Game 2/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/06/Hyannis 10 Bourne 3 WC Round 2 Game 1/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
08/05/Orleans 10 Chatham 1 EC Round 1 Game 3/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
08/04/Chatham 1 Orleans 0 EC Round 1 Game 2/Veterans Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
08/03/Hyannis 10 Cotuit 3 WC Round 1 Game 1/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL

08/02/Bourne 6 Falmouth 5 in 10/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
08/01/Cotuit 11 Y-D 0/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/31/Harwich 5 Chatham 2/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/30/Orleans 12 Hyannis 8/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/29/Hyannis 5 Cotuit 2/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/28/Brewster 6 Orleans 6 in 12/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
07/26/Cotuit 4 Orleans 2/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL

07/25/East 1 West 0/Spillane Park/Wareham, MA/CCBL All-Star Game

07/24/Brewster 5 Wareham 4/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
07/23/Bourne 4 Falmouth 1/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
07/22/Chatham 4 Falmouth 1/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
07/21/Orleans 7 Harwich 2/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/19/Harwich 8 Brewster 5/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/18/Y-D 4 Harwich 1/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/17/Harwich 6 Hyannis 1/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/15/Y-D 4 Falmouth 3/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/14/Cotuit 3 Bourne 1/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/12/Orleans 5 Hyannis 4 in 10/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
07/11/Y-D 8 Chatham 1/Veterans Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
07/10/Cotuit 4 Bourne 3/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/09/Brewster 7 Orleans 1/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
07/08/Harwich 4 Y-D 3/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/07/Orleans 11 Falmouth 2/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
07/06/Harwich 3 Wareham 2/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/05/Y-D 10 Brewster 2/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
07/04/Wareham 0 Bourne 0 in 12/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
07/03/Chatham 4 Orleans 2/Veterans Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
07/02/Hyannis 5 Falmouth 1/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/01/Y-D 9 Chatham 2/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL

06/29/Chatham 9 Wareham 2/Spillane Park/Wareham, MA/CCBL
06/28/Y-D 7 Chatham 2/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
06/27/Cotuit 5 Orleans 4/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
06/26/Orleans 6 Falmouth 1/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
06/25/Chatham 2 Orleans 1 in 10/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
06/24/Wareham 8 Hyannis 1/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
06/23/Bourne 1 Y-D 0 Rain Top 5/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
06/22/Chatham 3 Hyannis 1 in 7/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
06/22/Chatham 3 Hyannis 2 in 7/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
06/20/Wareham 5 Y-D 2/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
06/19/Orleans 5 Harwich 1/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
06/17/Bourne 4 Falmouth 3/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
06/16/Harwich 4 Chatham 3/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
06/14/Hyannis 9 Brewster 2 in 7/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
06/14/Hyannis 8 Brewster 0 in 7/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
06/13/Chatham 5 Cotuit 2/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
06/12/Orleans 12 Y-D 3/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL

05/08/Yankees 5 Orioles 4/Yankee Stadium

2014 (50/45)

09/03/Pawsox 2 Syracuse Chiefs 1 Playoffs Rd 1 Gm 1/McCoy Stadium/Pawtucket, RI/IL/AAA
08/18/SWB RailRiders 2 Pawtucket Red Sox 0/McCoy Stadium/Pawtucket, RI/IL/AAA

08/15/Y-D 10 Falmouth 4 Finals Game 2/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/14/Y-D 5 Falmouth 0 Finals Game 1/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
08/11/Falmouth 10 Cotuit 2 WC Round 2 Game 2/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
08/10/Y-D 7 Harwich 2 EC Round 2 Game 1/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
08/09/Y-D 1 Orleans 0 EC Round 1 Game 3/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
08/08/Falmouth 5 Hyannis 1 WC Round 1 Game 2/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
08/08/Y-D 9 Orleans 0 EC Round 1 Game 2/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/07/Bourne 5 Cotuit 3 WC Round 1 Game 1/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
08/06/Harwich 7 Brewster 2 EC Round 1 Game 1/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL

08/05/Falmouth 10 Cotuit 9 10 innings/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
08/04/Orleans 12 Chatham 7/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
08/03/Hyannis 3 Y-D 3 8 innings/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/01/Harwich 3 Y-D 1/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL

07/26/Brewster 13 Y-D 3/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
07/25/Y-D 6 Orleans 3/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
07/24/Y-D 7 Bourne 0/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/23/Orleans 4 Harwich 3 11 innings/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/22/Cotuit 6 Chatham 5/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/21/Bourne 7 Hyannis 4/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
07/20/Bourne 8 Y-D 0 Rain 2/3 inning/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/19/Falmouth 6 Orleans 5/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
07/18/Bourne 5 Harwich 4/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL

07/13/Cotuit 13 Y-D 2/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCB
07/12/Y-D 6 Orleans 3/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/11/Y-D 2 Harwich 0/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/09/Orleans 6 Falmouth 2/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
07/08/Orleans 3 Y-D 2/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
07/07/Bourne 8 Wareham 5/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
07/06/Chatham 9 Hyannis 3/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/05/Orleans 3 Harwich 1/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/03/Harwich 10 Brewster 5/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
07/02/Bourne 7 Harwich 6/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
06/30/Y-D 8 Wareham 6/Spillane Park/Wareham, MA/CCBL
06/29/Chatham 5 Hyannis 4 12 innings/Veterans Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
06/28/Cotuit 3 Harwich 1/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
06/27/Falmouth 5 Y-D 1/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL

06/26/Ocean State Waves 8 New Bedford Bay Sox 2/Paul Walsh Field/New Bedford, MA/NECBL

06/25/Chatham 13 Bourne 3/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
06/24/Harwich 4 Wareham 1/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL

06/23/Plymouth Pilgrims 3 Mystic Schooners 0/Forges Field/Plymouth, MA/NECBL

06/22/Hyannis 1 Orleans 0 Game 2/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
06/22/Cotuit 4 Brewster 3 Game 2/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
06/22/Cotuit 7 Brewster 4 Game 1/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
06/21/Hyannis 4 Brewster 1/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
06/20/Orleans 3 Cotuit 0/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
06/19/Y-D 6 Falmouth 3/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
06/18/Bourne 5 Cotuit 4/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL

05/17/Pawtucket Red Sox 6 SWB RailRiders 3/McCoy Stadium/Pawtucket, RI/IL/AAA

2013 (67/58)

08/15/Cotuit 6 Orleans 1 Game 2 Finals/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
08/14/Cotuit 4 Orleans 2 Game 1 Finals/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
08/12/Cotuit 4 Bourne 3 Game 3 Western Semi-finals/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
08/11/Orleans 6 Chatham 5 Game 2 Eastern Semi-Finals/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
08/10/Orleans 7 Chatham 3 Game 1 Eastern Semi-Finals/Veterans Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
08/10/Cotuit 9 Bourne 2 Game 1 Western Semi-finals/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
08/08/Cotuit 5 Falmouth 2 Game 3 Western Quarterfinals/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
08/07/Orleans 4 Harwich 3 Game 2 Eastern Quarterfinals/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
08/07/Chatham 9 Y-D 4/Game 2 Eastern Quarterfinals/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/06/Hyannis 4 Bourne 3 Game 1 Western Quarterfinals/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL

08/04/Cotuit 9 Falmouth 3 1 out Bottom 7 rain/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
08/03/Hyannis 6 Y-D 1/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/02/Orleans 2 Harwich 2 Game 2 DH 9 innings/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
08/02/Orleans 3 Harwich 2 Game 1 DH 7 innings/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
08/02/Y-D 8 Brewster 1/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/01/Y-D 5 Orleans 3/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
07/31/Chatham 6 Y-D 5 10 innings/Veterans Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
07/30/Harwich 5 Hyannis 4 10 innings/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/29/Chatham 8 Falmouth 0/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
07/28/Hyannis 5 Brewster 4 7 innings Game 2 DH/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/28/Brewster 0 Hyannis 0 9 innings Game 1 DH/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/27/East 9 West 3/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL All-Star Game
07/25/Wareham 2 Y-D 2 10 innings/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/24/Hyannis 1 Chatham 0/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/22/Cotuit 8 Bourne 5/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
07/21/Hyannis 5 Brewster 0/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
07/20/Harwich 3 Cotuit 3 10 innings/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/19/Falmouth 5 Orleans 0/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
07/19/Brewster 8 Y-D 4/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
07/18/Falmouth 12 Hyannis 1/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/17/Hyannis 3 Orleans 0/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/16/Harwich 3 Chatham 0/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/15/Hyannis 3 Bourne 3 12 innings/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
07/14/Brewster 11 Orleans 3/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
07/13/Falmouth 5 Y-D 0/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/12/Cotuit 5 Falmouth 1/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/08/Cotuit 6 Harwich 2/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/07/Hyannis 5 Cotuit 2/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/06/Chatham 10 Harwich 6/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/05/Chatham 8 Wareham 2/Veterans Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
07/04/Falmouth 13 Cotuit 6/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
07/03/Y-D 6 Hyannis 5/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/02/Cotuit 8 Brewster 2/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
06/30/Cotuit 6 Bourne 1/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
06/29/Bourne 4 Cotuit 3/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
06/27/Y-D 8 Orleans 1/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
06/26/Harwich 7 Orleans 2/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
06/25/Cotuit 9 Wareham 2/Spillane Park/Wareham, MA/CCBL
06/24/Orleans 6 Harwich 2/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
06/23/Harwich 9 Y-D 0/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
06/22/Brewster 14 Y-D 8/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
06/21/Orleans 17 Y-D 12/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
06/20/Hyannis 4 Wareham 3/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
06/19/Y-D 8 Falmouth 4/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
06/18/Cotuit 8 Y-D 3/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
06/17/Bourne 6 Orleans 5 10 innings/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
06/16/Chatham 8 Y-D 5 8 innings/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
06/15/Cotuit 3 Wareham 2/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL

06/09/Cubs 4 Pirates 1/Wrigley Field
06/08/Pirates 6 Cubs 2 Rooftop seats/Wrigley Field
06/02/Red Sox 3 Yankees 0 5.5 innings rain/Yankee Stadium
05/01/Yankees 5 Astros 4/Yankee Stadium

04/14/Pawtucket Red Sox 5 Rochester Red Wings 2 11 innings/McCoy Stadium/Pawtucket, RI/IL/AAA

03/11/Yankees 4 Cardinals 0/GMS Field/Tampa, FL
03/10/Phillies 7 Houston Astros 1/Osceola County Stadium/Kissimmee, FL
03/09/Washington Nationals 8 Miami Marlins 7/Space Coast Stadium/Viera, FL
03/08/Jacksonville Dolphins 4 UCF Knights 0/UCF Baseball Complex/Orlando, FL/Div 1

2012 (74/53)

09/29/Phillies 9 Marlins 5/Marlins Park/Miami, FL
09/28/Marlins 2 Phillies 1/Marlins Park/Miami, FL

09/05/Pawsox 3 SWB Yankees 2 Playoffs Rd 1 Gm 2/McCoy Stadium/Pawtucket, RI/IL/AAA
09/01/Pawtucket Red Sox 2 SWB Yankees 0/McCoy Stadium/Pawtucket, RI/IL/AAA

08/17/Wareham 8 Y-D 6 10 innings Finals Game 3/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/16/Y-D 5 Wareham 1 Finals Game 2/Spillane Park/Wareham, MA/CCBL
08/15/Wareham 5 Y-D 4 Finals Game 1/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/14/Y-D 9 Orleans 0 Game 2 Eastern Semifinals/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
08/13/Wareham 5 Bourne 3 Game 1 Western Semifinals/Spillane Park/Wareham, MA/CCBL
08/13/Y-D 10 Orleans 3 Game 1 Eastern Semifinals/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/12/Bourne 6 Cotuit 4 Game 3 Western Quarterfinals/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
08/11/Orleans 6 Harwich 1 Game 2 Eastern Quarterfinals/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
08/09/Orleans 3 Harwich 1 Game 1 Eastern Quarterfinals/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, Ma/CCBL
08/09/Y-D 7 Chatham 4 Game 1 Eastern Quarterfinals/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL

08/07/Chatham 7 Orleans 2/Veterans Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
08/06/Wareham 8 Bourne 3/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
08/05/Y-D 7 Orleans 5/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/04/Y-D 4 Harwich 3/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
08/04/Falmouth 4 Wareham 2/Spillane Park/Wareham, MA/CCBL
08/03/Chatham 8 Harwich 8 12 innings/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
08/03/Hyannis 8 Brewster 0/Stony Brook Es/Brewster, MA/CCBL
08/02/Harwich 11 Cotuit 5/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
08/01/Harwich 6 Wareham 5/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
08/01/Y-D 6 Chatham 4/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/30/Wareham 6 Hyannis 0/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/29/Cotuit 1 Y-D 0 8 innings darkness/rain/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/28/West 1 East 1/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL All-Star Game
07/27/Falmouth 9 Bourne 0/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
07/27/Harwich 3 Y-D 1/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/26/Brewster 4 Bourne 3 8 innings darkness/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
07/25/Harwich 7 Orleans 5/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/24/Orleans 5 Y-D 4 in 11/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
07/23/Cotuit 8 Y-D 4 8 innings darkness/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/22/Cotuit 6 Harwich 1/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/21/Wareham 3 Falmouth 2 in 11/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
07/20/Harwich 7 Orleans 6/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
07/19/Y-D 12 Brewster 11 8 innings darkness/Red Wilson Field/So. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/18/Harwich 7 Falmouth 5/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/16/Bourne 3 Brewster 2 in 10/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
07/15/Bourne 11 Cotuit 3/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL

07/08/Williamsport Crosscutters 11 SI Yankees 8/Ballpark at St. George/NY-Penn League/A Short Season

07/07/Orleans 4 Y-D 3/Red Wilson Field/Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/06/Chatham 5 Harwich 3/Veterans Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
07/05/Harwich 4 Orleans 0/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/04/Chatham 5 Orleans 1/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
07/03/Wareham 4 Bourne 2/Spillane Park/Wareham, MA/CCBL
07/02/Cotuit 12 Bourne 11 8 innings/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/01/Orleans 12 Brewster 0/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
06/30/Falmouth 8 Y-D 2/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
06/29/Wareham 7 Hyannis 6/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
06/28/Harwich 5 Orleans 3/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBBL
06/27/Wareham 9 Bourne 1/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
06/24/Cotuit 11 Chatham 5/Veterans Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
06/24/Harwich 7 Y-D 3/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
06/23/Harwich 9 Cotuit 3/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
06/22/Chatham 9 Y-D 2/Red Wilson Field/Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
06/21/Chatham 9 Bourne 3/Veterans Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
06/19/Harwich 2 Hyannis 0/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL

06/02/Nashville Sounds 8 New Orleans Zephyrs 0/Greer Stadium/Nashville, TN/PCL/AAA
06/01/Tennessee Smokies 2 Huntsville Stars 1/Smokies Park/Kodak, TN/Southern League/AA
05/31/Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs 14 Gwinnett Braves 4/Coolray Field/Lawrenceville, GA/IL/AAA
05/30/Braves 10 Cards 7/Turner Field/Atlanta, GA
05/29/Chattanooga Lookouts 9 Birmingham Barons 5/Regions Park/Hoover, AL/Southern League/AA
05/28/Mississippi Braves 6 Montgomery Biscuits 0/Trustmark Park/Pearl, MS/Southern League/AA
05/27/Iowa Cubs 5 Memphis Redbirds 3/AutoZone Park, Memphis, TN/PCL/AAA
05/25/Phillies 5 Cards 3 in 10/Busch Stadium/St. Louis, MO

05/01/Orioles 7 Yankees 1/Yankee Stadium
04/17/Yankees 8 Twins 3/Yankee Stadium

04/07/LV Iron Pigs 3 Pawsox 2 DH Gm 2/McCoy Stadium/Pawtucket, RI/IL/AAA
04/07/Pawsox 4 LV Iron Pigs 1 DH Gm 1/McCoy Stadium/Pawtucket, RI/IL/AAA

03/18/Orioles 6 Yankees 3/Ed Smith Stadium/Sarasota, FL
03/18/Blue Jays 10 Phillies 2/Florida Auto Exchange Stadium/Dunedin, FL
03/17/Yankees 6 Astros 3/GMS Field/Tampa, FL
03/16/Braves 9 Astros 5/Champions Park/Orlando, FL

2011 (49/39)

09/05/Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs 3 Pawsox 1 Playoffs Rd 1 Gm 3/McCoy Stadium/Pawtucket, RI/IL/AAA
08/31/Red Sox 9 Yankees 5/Fenway Park/Boston, MA

08/13/Harwich 7 Falmouth 5 Game 2 Finals/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
08/12/Harwich 5 Falmouth 4 Game 1 Finals/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
08/11/Falmouth 6 Wareham 0 Game 2 Semifinals/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
08/10/Harwich 4 Y-D 2 Game 2 Semifinals/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/09/Falmouth 5 Hyannis 2 Game 3 Quarterfinals/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
08/08/Harwich 3 Brewster 2 Game 3 Quarterfinals/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
08/06/Falmouth 6 Hyannis 2 Game 2 Quarterfinals/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
08/06/Wareham 12 Bourne 3 Game 2 Quarterfinals/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
08/05/Hyannis 6 Falmouth 4 Game 1 Quarterfinals/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
08/03/Falmouth 8 Hyannis 6 Game 2/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
08/03/Hyannis 1 Falmouth 0 Game 1/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
08/02/Falmouth 6 Hyannis 1 Game 1 Game 2 rain/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL

07/31/Staten Island Yankees 11 Jamestown Jammers 5/Ballpark at St. George/NY-Penn League/A Short Season
07/29/Baltimore Orioles 4 New York Yankees 2/Yankees Stadium

07/25/Harwich 10 Cotuit 1/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/24/Cotuit Kettleers 6 Chatham Anglers 0/Veteran’s Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
07/23/Hyannis 3 Cotuit 1/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/22/Orleans Cardinals 4 Harwich Mariners 3 Game 2/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/22/Orleans Cardinals 3 Harwich Mariners 1 Game 1/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/21/Hyannis 2 Falmouth Commodores 1 5 innings fog/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
07/20/Orleans Firebirds 2 Y-D Red Sox 0/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
07/19/Cotuit Kettleers 2 Harwich Mariners 1/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/17/Y-D Red Sox 12 Hyannis Harbor Hawks 3/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/16/Brewster Whitecaps 7 Harwich Mariners 7 15 inn – curfew/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/15/Bourne Braves 7 Hyannis Harbor Hawks 3/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/14/Hyannis Harbor Hawks 4 Cotuit Kettleers 2/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/04/Orleans Cardinals 12 Chatham Anglers 0/Veteran’s Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
07/03/Falmouth Commodores 3 Cotuit Kettleers 1/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/02/Orleans Cardinals 7 Brewster Whitecaps 7 9 innings/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
07/01/Y-D Red Sox 4 Harwich Mariners 3/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
06/29/Orleans Firebirds 5 Harwich Mariners 1/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
06/28/Bourne Braves 5 Harwich Mariners 1/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
06/27/Cotuit Kettleers 3 Hyannis Harbor Hawks 1/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
06/26/Falmouth Commodores 3 Orleans Cardinals 1/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
06/25/Bourne Braves 6 Y-D Red Sox 6 9 innings/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
06/24/Falmouth Commodores 5 Cotuit Kettleers 2/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
06/21/Hyannis Harbor Hawks 7 Wareham Gatemen 0/Spillane Park/Wareham, MA/CCBL
06/20/Hyannis Harbor Hawks 4 Bourne Braves 2/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
06/19/Hyannis Harbor Hawks 4 Chatham Anglers 2 Game 2/Veteran’s Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
06/19/Hyannis Harbor Hawks 5 Chatham Anglers 1 Game 1/Veteran’s Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
06/18/Harwich Mariners 8 Hyannis Harbor Hawks 5/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL

06/13/AIA Fairbanks Fire 4 Anchorage Glacier Pilots 3/Mulcahy Stadium/Anchorage, AK/ABL

05/21/New York Yankees 7 New York Mets 3/Yankees Stadium
04/26/Chicago White Sox 3 New York Yankees 2/Yankee Stadium

03/27/Detroit Tigers 8 Houston Astros 4/Osceola County Stadium/Kissimmee, FL
03/26/New York Yankees 4 Pittsburgh Pirates 1/GMS Field/Tampa, FL
03/25/Washington Nationals 3 St. Louis Cardinals 2/Space Coast Stadium/Viera, FL

2010 (49/36)

09/11/New York Mets 4 Philadelphia Phillies 3/Citi Field
09/05/Syracuse Chiefs 5 Pawtucket Red Sox 4/McCoy Stadium/Pawtucket, RI/International League/AAA

08/13/Cotuit Kettleers 6 Y-D Red Sox 0 Finals Game 3/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/12/Y-D Red Sox 2 Cotuit Kettleers 1 Finals Game 2/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
08/11/Cotuit Kettleers 3 Y-D Red Sox 0 Finals Game 1/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/10/Cotuit Kettleers 3 Wareham Gateman 1 Divisional playoffs Game 2/Spillane Park/Wareham, MA/CCBL
08/09/Y-D Red Sox 23 Orleans Cardinals 10 Divisional playoffs Game 1/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/08/Orleans Cardinals 5 Brewster Whitecaps 4 Quarterfinals Game 3/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
08/07/Orleans Firebirds 4 Brewster Whitecaps 1 Quarterfinals Game 2/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
08/07/Cotuit Kettleers 4 Falmouth Commodores 3 Quarterfinals Game 2/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
08/06/Wareham Gatemen 9 Bourne Braves 5 West Quarterfinals Game 1/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
08/06/Y-D Red Sox 7 Harwich Mariners 2 East Quarterfinals Game 1/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL

07/31/Pittsfield Colonials 10 New Jersey Jackals 7/Yogi Berra Stadium/Montclair, NJ/CAN-AM League

07/26/Harwich Mariners 2 Y-D Red Sox 0 7 innings/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/25/Y-D Red Sox 9 Hyannis Harbor Hawks 6/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/24/Wareham Gatemen 9 Brewster Whitecaps 1 (darkness/rain)/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
07/22/Chatham Anglers 3 Brewster Whitecaps 2 10 innings/Veteran’s Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
07/21/Cotuit Kettleers 2 Bourne Braves 1 8 innings (darkness)/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/20/Cotuit Kettleers 4 Hyannis Harbor Hawks 1/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/19/Falmouth Commodores 3 Wareham Gateman 0/Spillane Park/Wareham, MA/CCBL
07/17/Harwich Mariners 3 Brewster Whitecaps 2/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/16/Cotuit Kettleers 8 Harwich Mariners 4/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL

07/05/Y-D Red Sox 5 Hyannis Harbor Hawks 4 12 innings/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/04/Hyannis Harbor Hawks 8 Y-D Red Sox 7 10 innings/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/03/Cotuit Kettleers 3 Hyannis Harbor Hawks 1/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/02/Falmouth Commodores 1 Harwich Mariners 0 12 innings/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
07/01/Hyannis Harbor Hawks 2 Bourne Braves 1/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
06/30/Hyannis Harbor Hawks 4 Brewster Whitecaps 2/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
06/29/Y-D Red Sox 7 Brewster Whitecaps 1/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
06/27/Chatham Anglers 5 Wareham Gatemen 2 Game 1, Game 2 (fog)/Veteran’s Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
06/26/Hyannis Harbor Hawks 6 Chatham Anglers 2/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
06/25/Brewster Whitecaps 6 Bourne Braves 3/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
06/24/Chatham Anglers 6 Wareham Gateman 5/Spillane Park/Wareham, MA/CCBL
06/23/Hyannis Harbor Hawks 3 Orleans Firebirds 0/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
06/22/Y-D Red Sox 5 Wareham Gatemen 3/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
06/21/Cotuit Kettleers 7 Falmouth Commodores 5/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
06/19/Hyannis Harbor Hawks 5 Harwich Mariners 2 Game 2/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
06/19/Harwich Mariners 5 Hyannis Harbor Hawks 4 Game 1/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
06/18/Harwich Mariners 5 Y-D Red Sox 1/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL

06/10/New York Yankees 4 Houston Astros 3/Yankee Stadium
06/09/New York Mets 3 San Diego Padres 0 1 hitter, Triple Play/Citi Field

06/06/Tampa Bay Rays 9 Texas Rangers 5/Rangers Ballpark in Arlington/Arlington, TX
06/05/Nashville Sounds 9 Round Rock Express 6/Dell Diamond/Round Rock, TX/Pacific Coast League/AAA
06/04/Arkansas Travelers 6 San Antonio Missions 5/Nelson Wolff Municipal Stadium/San Antonio, TX/Texas League/AA
06/03/Corpus Christi Hooks 8 Springfield Cardinals 1/Whataburger Field/Corpus Christi, TX/Texas League/AA
06/02/Corpus Christi Hooks 12 Springfield Cardinals 11/Whataburger Field/Corpus Christi, TX/Texas League/AA
05/28/Midland Rockhounds 3 Tulsa Drillers 2/Citibank Ballpark/Midland, TX/Texas League/AA

05/25/New York Mets 8 Philadelphia Phillies 0/Citi Field
05/22/Newark Bears 6 Long Island Ducks 2/Riverfront Stadium/Newark, NJ/Atlantic League

2009 (41/28)

09/12/Baltimore Orioles 7 New York Yankees 3/Yankee Stadium

08/10/Bourne Braves 15 Cotuit Kettleers 5 Finals Game 1 Top 6th 2 outs Fog/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
08/09/Y-D Red Sox 10 Cotuit Kettleers 5 Semi-finals Game 2/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
08/08/Bourne Braves 3 Orleans Firebirds 2 Semi-finals Game 1/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
08/08/Cotuit Kettleers 3 Y-D Red Sox 0 Semi-finals Game 1/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/07/Orleans Firebirds 4 Chatham Anglers 3 Play in game/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
08/07/Cotuit Kettleers 5 Wareham Gateman 2 Play in game/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL

07/31/Chatham A’s 8 Hyannis Mets 7/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/29/Bourne Braves 13 Cotuit Kettleers 1/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
07/28/Bourne Braves 7 Harwich Mariners 2 Game 2 7 innings/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/28/Harwich Mariners 5 Bourne Braves 1 Game 1 7 innings/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/27/Falmouth Commodores 11 Harwich Mariners 2/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
07/26/Hyannis Mets 3 Brewster Whitecaps 2 Game 2 9 innings/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
07/26/Brewster Whitecaps 4 Hyannis Mets 3 Game 1 7 innings/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
07/25/Orleans Firebirds 8 Hyannis Mets 6/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/24/Harwich Mariners 3 Cotuit Kettleers 2/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL

07/19/Glens Falls Golden Eagles 4 Albany Dutchmen 0/East Field/Glens Falls, NY/NYCBL
07/18/Saratoga Phillies 10 Albany Dutchmen 5/Bleecker Stadium/Albany, NY/NYCBL

07/11/Orleans Firebirds 9 Brewster Whitecaps 4/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
07/10/Hyannis Mets 6 Cotuit Kettleers 3/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/09/Y-D Red Sox 9 Cotuit Kettleers 1/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/08/Harwich Mariners 5 Cotuit Kettleers 2 8 innings – Dark/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/02/Y-D Red Sox 4 Wareham Gatemen 1/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL

06/28/Staten Island Yankees 8 Aberdeen Ironbirds 7/Ballpark at St. George/NY-Penn League/A Short Season

06/20/Orleans Firebirds 8 Brewster Whitecaps 2/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
06/19/Cotuit Kettleers 10 Brewster Whitecaps 9/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
06/17/Chatham Anglers 5 Wareham Gatemen 4 10 innings/Veteran’s Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
06/16/Y-D Red Sox 6 Harwich Mariners 5/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
06/15/Falmouth Commodores 4 Orleans Firebirds 0/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
06/14/Y-D Red Sox 3 Hyannis Mets 1/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
06/13/Y-D Red Sox 3 Bourne Braves 2/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
06/12/Hyannis Mets 4 Bourne Braves 1 7 innings – Fog/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL

06/08/New York Yankees 5 Tampa Bay Rays 3/Yankee Stadium

05/30/Charlotte Knights 4 Toledo Mud Hens 2/Fifth Third Field/Toledo, OH/International League/AAA
05/29/Lansing Lugnuts 6 Quad City Bandits 2/Oldsmobile Park/Lansing, MI/Midwest League/A
05/28/Kane City Cougars 5 Great Lakes Loons 4 10 innings/Dow Diamond/Midland, MI/Midwest League/A
05/27/Great Lakes Loons 1 Kane City Cougars 0/Dow Diamond/Midland, MI/Midwest League/A
05/26/Traverse City Beach Bums 5 Southern Illinois 4/Weurfel Stadium/Traverse City, MI/Frontier League
05/24/Kalamazoo Kings 2 Traverse City Beach Bums 1/Mayors Riverfront Park/Kalamazoo, MI/Frontier League
05/23/Colorado Rockies 4 Detroit Tigers 3/Comerica Park/Detroit, MI

05/06/Tampa Bay Rays 4 New York Yankees 3 10 innings/Yankee Stadium

2008 (32/28)

08/14/Harwich Mariners 2 Cotuit Kettleers 1 Finals Game 2/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
08/10/Harwich Mariners 1 Orleans Cardinals 0 18 innings Eastern Division Game 2/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
08/09/Cotuit Kettleers 6 Falmouth Commodores 4 Western Division Game 1/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
08/08/Falmouth Commodores 3 Bourne Braves 2 Play in game/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL

08/03/Glens Falls Golden Eagles 5 Watertown Wizards 3/Eastern Division Semi-Finals Game 1/East Field/Glens Falls, NY/NYCBL

07/24/Brooklyn Cyclones 8 Vermont Lake Monsters 1/Keyspan Park/A Short Season

07/19/Wareham Gateman 13 Hyannis Mets 2/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/18/Falmouth Commodores 10 Cotuit Kettleers 6/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/17/Bourne Braves 4 Hyannis 3 10 innings/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
07/16/Orleans Cardinals 9 Hyannis Mets 8 12 innings/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/15/Orleans Cardinals 4 Brewster Whitecaps 3/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
07/14/Harwich Mariners 7 Hyannis Mets 3/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/13/Hyannis Mets 6 Cotuit Kettleers 1/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/12/Falmouth Commodores 18 Y-D Red Sox 4/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/11/Hyannis Mets 5 Y-D Red Sox 1/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/06/Chatham A’s 3 Brewster Whitecaps 2/Veteran’s Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
07/06/Bourne Braves 5 Falmouth Commodores 3/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
07/05/Wareham Gateman 4 Cotuit Kettleers 0/Spillane Park/Wareham, MA/CCBL
07/04/Wareham Gateman 4 Bourne Braves 3 Foul Ball!/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
07/03/Hyannis Mets 5 Harwich Mariners 4 13 innings/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/02/Harwich Mariners 11 Orleans Cardinals 3/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/01/Falmouth Commodores 4 Hyannis Mets 0/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
06/29/Y-D Red Sox 5 Orleans Cardinals 0/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
06/28/Bourne Braves 1 Orleans Cardinals 0 5 innings Fog Perfect Game/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
06/27/Bourne Braves 8 Y-D Red Sox 3 6 innings Rain/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
06/21/Chatham A’s 5 Brewster Whitecaps 4/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
06/20/Cotuit Kettleers 13 Chatham A’s 2/Lowell Park, Cotuit, MA/CCBL
06/19/Hyannis Mets 6 Y-D Red Sox 4/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
06/18/Chatham A’s 5 Hyannis Mets 3/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
06/14/Cotuit Kettleers 4 Brewster Whitecaps 1/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL

04/26/New Britain Rock Cats 7 Trenton Thunder 4 12 innings/Waterfront Park/Trenton, NJ/Eastern League/AA
04/17/New York Mets 3 Washingon Nationals 2 14 innings/Shea Stadium

2007 (32/25)

09/28/Florida Marlins 7 New York Mets 4/Shea Stadium
09/19/New York Yankees 2 Baltimore Orioles 1/Yankee Stadium

09/02/Fresno Grizzlies 7 Portland Beavers 6/PGE Park/Portland, OR/PCL/AAA
08/29/Salem-Keizer Volcanoes 4 Vancouver Canadians 1/Nat Bailey Stadium/Vancouver, BC/NW League/A Short Season
08/28/Everett Aquasox 9 Eugene Emeralds 4/Everett Memorial Stadium/Everett, WA/NW League/A Short Season
08/27/Los Angeles Angels 6 Seattle Mariners 0/Safeco Field/Seattle,WA/MLB
08/26/Portland Beavers 5 Tacoma Rainiers 1/Cheney Stadium/Tacoma, WA/PCL/AAA

08/13/Y-D Red Sox 8 Falmouth Commodores 2 Finals Game 1/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/12/Falmouth Commodores 5 Bourne Braves 3 Western Division Finals Game 2/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
08/11/Y-D Red Sox 4 Chatham A’s 3 Eastern Division Finals Game 1/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL

08/04/Hudson Valley Renegades 12 TriCity Valley Cats 4/Joseph L. Bruno Stadium/Troy, NY/NY-Penn League/A Short Season
08/04/Glens Falls Golden Eagles 4 Saratoga Phillies 2/Eastern Division Finals Game 3/East Field/Glens Falls, NY/NYCBL
08/03/Glens Falls Golden Eagles 4 Saratoga Phillies 3 13 innings/Eastern Division Finals Game 2/Eastside Rec/Saratoga Springs, NY/NYCBL

07/28/East 3 West 2 Cape Cod League All-Star Game/Spillane Park/Wareham, MA/CCBL
07/27/Y-D Red Sox 12 Harwich Mariners 8 8 innings/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/22/Chatham A’s 4 Bourne Braves 0/Doran Park/Bourne, MA/CCBL
07/21/Chatham A’s 5 Cotuit Kettleers 0/Veteran’s Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
07/20/Hyannis Mets 8 Falmouth Commodores 7/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/08/Chatham A’s 3 Cotuit Kettleers 2/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/07/Y-D Red Sox 9 Falmouth Commodores 4/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
07/06/Orleans Cardinals 3 Hyannis Mets 1 4th inning rain/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/05/Falmouth Commodores 5 Wareham Gateman 1/Spillane Park/Wareham, MA/CCBL
07/04/Cotuit Kettleers 4 Hyannis Mets 4 8 innings/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/03/Harwich Mariners 2 Brewster Whitecaps 0/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/01/Cotuit Kettleers 1 Orleans Cardinals 0/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
06/30/Bourne Braves 11 Chatham A’s 4 12 innings/Veteran’s Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
06/29/Orleans Cardinals 7 Harwich Mariners 5/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
06/23/Cotuit Kettleers 8 Wareham Gatemen 6/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
06/22/Hyannis Mets 7 Y-D Red Sox 6 8 innings/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
06/17/Bourne Braves 8 Harwich Mariners 7 10 innings/Upper Cape Tech HS/Bourne, MA/CCBL
06/16/Cotuit Kettleers 6 Brewster Whitecaps 5 8 innings/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
06/15/Y-D Red Sox 6 Hyannis Mets 3/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL

2006 (33/17)

10/19/St. Louis Cardinals 3 New York Mets 1/NLCS Game 7/Shea Stadium
10/18/New York Mets 4 St. Louis Cardinals 2/NLCS Game 6/Shea Stadium
10/05/Detroit Tigers 4 New York Yankees 3/ALDS Game 2/Yankee Stadium
10/03/New York Yankees 8 Detroit Tigers 4/ALDS Game 1/Yankee Stadium

09/11/Minnesota Twins 9 Oakland A’s 4/HHH Metrodome/Minneapolis, MN/MLB
09/10/Minnesota Twins 12 Detroit Tigers 1/HHH Metrodome/Minneapolis, MN/MLB

08/31/Ottawa Lynx 9 Pawtucket Red Sox 1/McCoy Stadium/Pawtucket, RI/International League/AAA
08/19/TriCity Valley Cats 4 Hudson Valley Renegades 3/Joseph L. Bruno Stadium/Troy, NY/NY-Penn League/A Short Season

08/13/Y-D Red Sox 5 Wareham Gateman 1 Finals Game 3/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/12/Y-D Red Sox 5 Wareham Gateman 4 Finals Game 2/Spillane Park/Wareham, MA/CCBL
08/11/Wareham Gateman 4 Y-D Red Sox 2 Finals Game 1/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
08/05/Chatham A’s 3 Brewster Whitecaps 0/Veteran’s Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
08/04/Y-D Red Sox 2 Harwich Mariners 1/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
07/22/Orleans Cardinals 2 Bourne Braves 1/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
07/22/Falmouth Commodores 6 Brewster Whitecaps 4/Stony Brook ES/Brewster, MA/CCBL
07/21/Hyannis Mets 5 Chatham A’s 4 8 innings/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/08/Falmouth Commodores 9 Wareham Gateman 2/Fuller Field/Falmouth, MA/CCBL
07/07/Harwich Mariners 4 Chatham A’s 2 11 innings/Veteran’s Field/Chatham, MA/CCBL
07/06/Y-D Red Sox 5 Cotuit Kettleers 2/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/04/Bourne Braves 6 Wareham Gateman 1/Upper Cape Tech HS/Bourne, MA/CCBL
07/03/Wareham Gateman 8 Bourne Braves 7 11 innings/Spillane Park/Wareham, MA/CCBL
07/02/Orleans Cardinals 2 Harwich Mariners 1/Eldredge Park/Orleans, MA/CCBL
07/01/Y-D Red Sox 8 Bourne Braves 5/Red Wilson Field/S. Yarmouth, MA/CCBL
06/30/Cotuit Kettleers 2 Harwich Mariners 0/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
06/23/Hyannis Mets 4 Wareham Gateman 3 10 innings/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL

06/14/New York Yankees 6 Cleveland Indians 1/Yankee Stadium

05/06/Tampa Yankees 3 Brevard Manatees (Brewers) 1/Legends Field/Tampa, FL/Florida State League/A
05/05/Tampa Yankees 3 Clearwater Threshers (Phillies) 1/Bright House Networks Field/Clearwater, FL/Florida State League/A
05/04/Sarasota Reds 4 Dunedin Blue Jays 1/Knology Park/Dunedin, FL/Florida State League/A
05/03/New York Yankees 4 Tampa Bay Devil Rays 2/Tropicana Park/St. Petersburg, FL/MLB
05/01/St. Lucie Mets 1 Brevard Manatees 0/Tradition Field/Port St. Lucie, FL/Florida State League/A
04/30/Palm Beach Cardinals 2 Vero Beach Dodgers 1/Holman Stadium/Vero Beach, FL/Florida State League/A
04/29/Lakeland Tigers 5 Clearwater Threshers 2/Joker Marchant Stadium/Lakeland, FL/Florida State League/A


10/7/Anaheim Angels vs. New York Yankees/ALDS Game 3/Yankee Stadium
09/19/Yankees 3 Orioles 2/Yankee Stadium
09/12/Williamsport Crosscutters vs. Staten Island Yankees/Ballpark at St. George
09/05/SWB Barons vs. Pawtucket Red Sox/McCoy Stadium/Pawtucket, RI
09/07/Yankees 5 Devil Rays 4/Yankee Stadium
08/24/Blue Jays 9 Yankees 5/Yankee Stadium
08/16/Cardinals vs. Cyclones/Keyspan Park
08/01/Auburn Doubledays vs. Staten Island Yankees/Ballpark at St. George
07/30/Nashua Pride vs. Bridgeport Bluefish/Ballpark at Harbor Yard/Bridgeport, CT.
05/10/Seattle at Yankees/Yankee Stadium
05/09/Seattle at Yankees/Yankee Stadium


09/18/Pennsylvania Road Warriors vs. Bridgeport Bluefish/Ballpark at Harbor Yord/Bridgeport, CT
08/04/Lowell Spinners vs. Staten Island Yankees/Ballpark at St. George
07/06/Tigers vs. Yankees/Yankee Stadium


08/24/TriCity Valley Cats 2 Vermont Expos 1 12 innings/Joseph L. Bruno Stadium/Troy, NY/NY-Penn League/A Short Season

07/20/Chatham 7 Cotuit 3/Cotuit
07/19/Falmouth 5 Harwich 3/Harwich
07/18/Chatham 1 Brewster 1 9 innings/Brewster
07/05/Hyannis 1 Cotuit 0/Cotuit
07/04/Y-D 4 Hyannis 3/Hyannis
07/03/Y-D 1 Wareham 0/Y-D
07/02/Cotuit 4 Hyannis 2/Hyannis
07/01/Bourne 6 Hyannis 0/Hyannis


08/02/Chatham 8 Harwich 6 10 innings/Harwich
07/21/Falmouth 7 Cotuit 3/Cotuit
07/20/Cotuit 13 Hyannis 0/Hyannis
07/19/Cotuit 10 Y-D 1/Y-D
07/06/Hyannis 7 Cotuit 5/Hyannis
07/05/Brewster 6 Harwich 5/Brewster
07/04/Bourne 7 Wareham 4/Bourne
07/03/Falmouth 7 Harwich 6/Falmouth
06/30/Harwich 4 Hyannis 2/Hyannis

5/22/Blue Jays 8 Yankees 3/Yankee Stadium


08/04/Orleans 6 Brewster 3/Orleans, MA/CCBL
07/07 Hyannis 4 Orleans 1/McKeon Field/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/06/Bourne 2 Harwich 0/Whitehouse Field/Harwich, MA/CCBL
07/04/Bourne 2 Wareham 1/Bourne, MA/CCBL
07/01/Hyannis 6 Bourne 3/McKeon Park/Hyannis, MA/CCBL


07/29/Team USA 2 Cape Cod League All Stars 2 12 innings/Veterans Field/Chatham, MA

07/13/Florida 11 Yankees 9/Yankee Stadium

07/07/Cotuit 2 Chatham 0 7 innings/Lowell Park/Cotuit, MA/CCBL
07/06/Hyannis 3 Chatham 2 11 innings/McKeon Field/Hyannis, MA/CCBL
07/03/Harwich Mariners 6 Hyannis Mets 5/McKeon Field/Hyannis, MA/CCBL


09/30/Atlanta Braves 4 NY Mets 3 11 innings/Shea Stadium
09/01/Oakland 7 Yankees 1/Yankee Stadium
06/27/Mets 5 Marlins 2/Shea Stadium

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